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December 29, 2011 / lazybug

In 2011, I…

The Toy Lens

Got the Bullet. And crashed it on my very first long ride. Many more to come (long rides that is)

Bought some more film cameras. Could not try all of them.

Shot less with the bigger cameras, more with the smaller ones – iPod and the Motorola Defy

Won a photography contest in real life.

Got kicked out of the corporate cricket team.

Bought my first phone (previous two that I lost in less than a year were borrowed).

Went on a rather long vacation, first of its kind for me (for various reasons).

Hit the gym. Lost a few kilos. Need to lose many more.

Thought of starting a new blog. But found the convenience Facebook (and later Twitter) too comforting.

Uploaded more film photographs to my flickr photostream than digital.

Got introduced to my second nephew.

Realised that live music is better appreciated in the open than in an enclosed space.

Found underarm cricket to be tougher than the regular version.

Bathed in the glory of India’s Cricket World Cup victory.

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  1. gautam / Dec 30 2011 10:21 am

    Welcome back to Blogging

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