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May 9, 2009 / lazybug

More IPL watching

Moment of the tournament…

happened during the DC v Mumbai game when field reporter LSRK was asked how it ‘down there’. He replied “The atmosphere here is very exciting and everybody is excited” and so on. Camera panned on to his face and in the background the seats were all but empty. What exactly made LSRK all ‘excited’ is anyone’s guess.

Q. What’s worse than listening to bad commentators?
A. Bad commentators rooting mercilessly for their favourite teams. In today’s match between DC and KXIP this arduous task was taken over by the one and only Ranjit Fernando. What a pain in the brain.

Lalit Modi = Himass

Yes. This is completely true. The other day I was lucky enough to catch afew glimpses of Aap Ka Suar…err Suroor and the first thing to note was the way in which Himass was portrayed in the movie as the ideal Indian uber-male. Everybody in the film only sings praises for him. Switch to any IPL game and mentally replace HR with LM. The guy gives away money to schools in South Africa, is being credited with reviving the South African economy and has the 20/20 magazine cover calling him the new czar of cricket. What else would one want from life?

Request to DC
Please understand that the problem with your team is the bowling. Find a decent international level fast bowler to avoid embarrassment against silly pinch hitters. One suggestion would be Chaminda Vaas. His experience in swinging conditions could be useful. As a plus, like my friend almostinfamous said to me in a chat, this would also confuse Ranjit Fernando as to whom to root for resulting in slightly lesser pain in the brain for us.

A thought on the ZooZoo ads
Sure they are funny and all. I am starting to notice the grotesque side of the ads I mean, showing heads getting cracked, suicides, hungry crocs gobbling up subjects does not look funny after a while. Am I the only one here?

So much for now. Enjaai the weekend!



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  1. alwaysindian / May 14 2009 7:32 am

    hehehe… good! nice blog..!

  2. almostinfamous / May 17 2009 2:41 pm

    the grotesqueness is what draws me into it! too much re!

    also, DC needs 2 things – one is what you said, and then some better middle order scoring. consider today’s last ball horridness 😦

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