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March 29, 2009 / lazybug

Photowalks, waiting and soups


I had not attended a photowalk with HPC members fro six months*. Well, that was back then. I’ve done 3 walks in one-and-a-half days over the weekend with more than 1k pics to take care of. I have no idea how to go about it.

*Due mostly to various reasons revolving around my not possesing a camera.

Waiting for a table at restaurants…

can be a lot of fun. Especially if it’s a restaurant popular among the masses, like Alex’s Kitchen or Nanking.

You go to the place, see a waiting list, approach the Steward and tell him your name and requirement and wait patiently outside, mostly bored. Then comes the Hero leading a pack of ladies, kids and other assorted elderly people and storms into the restaurant while looking at you as if you were an untouchable. The entire pack follows him in and you begin to wonder how the restaurant allowed for reservations on a busy weekend. Just then, they all walk out looking all flustered and lost. Our Hero comes out in the end trying to avoid eye contact with any human in the vicinity and tells the Steward at the door with a totally fake voice, “please make it fast”. Entertainment guaranteed!

The world’s largest small serving of soup

Thinking that a ‘Small’ serving of soup would be just enough for one person, I and my cousin ordered two variants of Chicken clear soup at Nanking today. What we got was anything but small. The soups were served in bowls reserved for a full portion of Fried Rice or Noodles. They were so large it took us a couple of minutes to come to terms with it. To finish it, the kind waiter gave us serving spoons too, how nice of him. Upon enquiry, we were told that Clear soups being thinner are served in larger quantities at Nanking as compared to other soups that are thicker. It had been a long day with close to eight hours spent in the Summer Sun. But I was not tired at all. By the time I finished half of the soup though, I wanted to fall asleep right there on the table singing “Maar daala, allaaaaah maar daala”. Try it if you’ve not eaten anything for a day or two.



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  1. Chittaranjan / Mar 30 2009 9:45 am

    You should have tried out the ‘small’ serving of broth at Noodle Bar…they serve almost a litre of it 😐 Wonder what the ‘large’ will be like!!!

  2. almostinfamous / Mar 30 2009 4:44 pm

    me wants chinese now 😦

  3. pramodasanthi / Apr 1 2009 10:25 am

    pandaga, pandaga

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