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March 22, 2009 / lazybug

Kahaani Indian politics ki – II


If there’s one thing common to Indian cricket and Indian politics, it is that they are both driven by money. So, on one side you have the god of Indian cricket, Lalit Modi*, leading the way with his flagship IPL, and on the other hand there’s the Congress-lead UPA government getting ready for an election for which it’s been preparing for five years now.

In either of the cases, the junta (aam aadmi or the cricket fan) is taken for granted.

Hence, when the dates for the IPL season two and the elections clashed, both the government and the BCCI made sure that their respective interests were guarded. What’s more, the government also had a score to setlle, albeit with Mallya and not the BCCI, but what the heck?

So, no matter what ‘solution’ the God of Indian cricket put forward, the government rejected emphatically. It could afford to. Afterall the elections are more important, who’d argue with that?

The fact that the ‘solution’ given by Modi always revolved around the profit to be made by the franchisees was a no-brainer. Hence a truncated tournament was out of question. Mallya and his likes would develop severe constipation looking at the profit go down the drain.

Seeing no other way out, the God decided to do the smart thing. Blame the government for not cooperating and move the tournament out of the country. In doing so, he made this martyr-esque statement:

“We are not concerned whether we make a profit or loss, our issue is to make sure that all our fans and the lovers of cricket get to watch the finest level of cricket,”

That’s to be read as: We don’t care about the ordinary fan who wants to watch the match in the stadium, he can watch it on TV. Afterall, that’s where all our profits come from. The more the matches, the more the profit. The government was so uncooperative. How can we reduce the number of matches?

Meanwhile, in his head office office somewhere in Mumbai, Subhash Chandra, the owner of the ICL,  smiles as he watches the events unfold on TV. Couldn’t get any better than this for him.

All over the country, the cricket fan is left bewildered. This time, the joke was on him.

* If you thought it was Sachin Tendulkar, sorry, but he is the god for the ordinary man, not for the people who rule the game.



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  1. listorbit / Mar 23 2009 6:24 am

    At last War between IPL and government has come to end.Let us see the response from overseas fans.

  2. Kunal / Mar 23 2009 7:31 am

    the spectator on the ground is the least cared for person in Indian Cricket. after listening to plight of people who had gone to stadium to watch matches, I decided against going to see matches in stadium during last year’s IPL.

    it is true – sirf paisa hi bolta hain 😦

  3. Ottayan / Mar 23 2009 9:47 am


    Sony must be feeling the pinch. Imagine the eyeballs they will miss. BigTV made it Big indeed.

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