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March 16, 2009 / lazybug

The travelling goon

Every time I see BCCI Secretary Niranjan Shah, I am reminded of the Joker from The Dark Knight. In fact, he reminded me of the Joker even before TDK was released. Chris Nolan, please take note.

Mr Shah is to Indian cricket was the Joker is to Gotham City. Where the joker uses real guns and bombs, Mr Shah uses merely his tongue to cause the damage. Any concern about brains being used should be immediately done away with, as nothing of this sort ever existed in his head.

His latest salvo came when Sachin Tendulkar and Dinesh Karthik were not allowed to play in an exhibition match featuring ICL player (human being of the lowest type) Hamish Marshall. But he went many steps further in protecting Indian players from the evil influence of the ICL.

“‘As far as we are concerned any commentator or somebody involved with an unauthorised tournament declared by the BCCI, our people will not take part in it.”

Now that’s what I call total commitment. And for this statement, the Kiwi media has quite shamelessly called him a ‘travelling goon’. Those sissys I tell you.

The fact is that Mr Shah goes by the book. Always. Even when it comes to players bunjy jumping.

“No members of Indian team will be allowed to go for it…”It is not in their contracts and as long as I am a manager on this tour, will not allow them for it.”

Apparently, he also checks what colour underwear the players wear. He makes sure that it is blue in colour matching the BCCI’s official colour. This also ensures that any colour related to the evil ICL stays out of the Indian dressing room.

A few months back, my friend Ottayan had spotted a similar statement embodied his commitment to being proper about everything he did:

“Everything was properly handled by the authorities with the appointment of proper men to conduct the hearing after a proper procedure was put in place.”

So, people, fear not about Indian cricket’s future till Mr Shah is out there with his magnifying glass checking every piece of paper and underwear.

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  1. Kunal / Mar 17 2009 6:58 am

    Now we can sleep tight at night knowing that Indian Cricket is in very able hands..

    seriously the way BCCI is treating ICL is pathetic. Is it this difficult to prove/understand that one body cannot have a monopoly over a sport?

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