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February 11, 2009 / lazybug

Move over Valentine’s

I’ve never liked the madness behind celebrating the Valentine’s day. What a waste of time. Not to mention our culture and tradition that is going, well, nowhere, in spite of the efforts from custodians like Ram-Monkey-Sene and Bajrang-Toor-Daal. Therefore, I am all for this new exciting replacement for Valentine’s suggested by a commenter on the blog of Karnataka Home Minister Dr VS Acharya (who had said, fittingly,  after the Mangalore attack on pub-hopping girls, that they their parents should have been careful). Here’s an excerpt of the comment:

One of the most interesting debates of our age is the somewhat hysterical outbursts against St. Valentine’s Day. The anti St. Valentine Day celebration stir is seen as a suppression of freedom of expression. The supporters of this celebration see it as a cultural battle.

Here is a suggestion: celebrate Feb 14th as a GOPIKA DIWAS. On this day let the males be encouraged to give roses or gifts to the females as a MARK OF RESPECT.

And, let the guys while giving the roses:

a) promise to respect women always
b) promise never to take dowry
c) promise never to eve tease.

Yes, Gopika Diwas. Sounds so awesomely Indian. And a fitting tribute to all the girls who dreamed of marrying Krishna but couldn’t. And here’s the real deal: it won’t get the greeting card and flower vendors out of business! Only a true marketing genius can come up with such a suggestion.

I’d like to add my own humble two cents to this. All the guys should dress-up like Krishna and play the flute as the Gopikas dance around him. Imagine the scenes on Indian roads. I can already visualise Pramod Muthalik and his gang weilding their…err…flutes at women and asking, “Will you be my Gopika?”. The lady then looks back in amazement and tears in her eyes and starts dancing. Could there be a truer depiction of Indian culture?

As a true Indian who respects our culture I request all my fellow Indians to take this noble cause forward. Together we shall repair the damages we have suffered at the hands of the firangs. Move over Valentine’s! Gopika Diwas is here!


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  1. Chittaranjan / Feb 12 2009 8:25 am


    This sounds better than the ‘Pink Chaddi’ campaign that’s been bandied about oh-so-much nowadays 👿

  2. Mumbai / Feb 13 2009 4:49 pm

    Ha ha ha. I cant stop laughing.

    Gopika Diwas is coooooolll man.

  3. manpreet / Feb 22 2009 12:15 pm

    or maybe the Gopika can turn back and slap these guys in their face, and the gopika diwas will be changed next year to thappad diwas.

    • lazybug / Feb 23 2009 1:02 am

      That’s an awesome idea, manpreet!

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