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December 19, 2008 / lazybug

And so the day went by

Yaaawn, it’s 9.15. Should have been up by 8. Will be late to office. Light, never mind.

10.15. Traffic! A$$hole wants to take a left after holding the right lane all the while.

10.30. CM wants the road for himself. Can’t help…let him pass. Running late anyway.

10.45 Day begins (yeah right!). Yaaawn. Sleepy already. Check the mails…but where’s the Internet? Stare at error message.

11.30 Let’s get some work done! Screwed up software attacks. Brain cries: F&*K Adobe!

1.00 Lunch time. Lunch is over in 20 mins. What to do? Listen to songs…that doesn’t help, but a relief nonetheless…yaaawn.

2.00 Time is crawling…and so is the Internet. Stare at uploading webpage.

4.00 Tea time. Relief.

4.15 Back to work. Wait…work is boring today. But so is everything else. Then what to do. Stare at anything in front…contemplate.

6.00 Still an hour to go? Can’t sit on seat any more…move around to others’ desk. Doesn’t help…comeback. Stare at monitor.

7.00 Time to head home. Wait, have to buy something at the departmental store. Cashier at counter takes eons to process the bill. Nevermind. It’s been like that the whole day.

Heading home. GnR sings: If there’s something I can make of this,
or anything at all, it’d be the devil hates a loser and you thought you had it all.

Nice way to end it, I say.



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  1. shaaakspsyco / Dec 20 2008 6:37 am


  2. Liju Philip / Dec 21 2008 1:17 am

    you should yawn more, it carries more oxygen to the lungs 😉

  3. Manpreet / Dec 21 2008 6:58 pm

    Hota hai…

  4. Prity / Dec 22 2008 9:53 am

    What’s new? You are late, sleepy and yawning everyday!

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