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August 19, 2008 / lazybug

Free Kashmir

First Swaminathan Aiyar, and now Amit Varma. Both outspoken liberals whom I respect a lot. As the liberal thought goes, they support a plebiscite in Kashmir and compare India to the Britishers. I am not against a plebiscite. It was promised many decades ago but never implemented. My problem lies with the fact that if a plebiscite is offered today, it’ll only take into consideration the current population of Kashmir. What about the 350000 Kashmiri pundits who were forced to leave the valley and settle down In Jammu and the rest of the country? Would their voice be considered? Shouldn’t it be?

As for comparing India to the Britishers, well, let’s just end the comparision at that. Yes, Indians tend to get emotional when talking about Kashmir. And our politicians suck at managing crises like these. We have fought wars over the region and most of us have grown up thinking the valley to be an integral part of the nation. But how can we forget the role our good old neighbour Pakistan has played over the years in bringing the situation to what it is today? While it may not be our responsibility if Kashmir becomes a nation, what are the chances that Pakistan won’t increase its presence over there? Given the choice, politicians like Mehbooba Mufti and co. will offer Kashmir to Pakistan on a platter, completely ignoring the voices of the common Kashmiri.

The politicians claiming to represent the people want Kashmir to be an Islamic nation. Now, how different is this from what happened in 1947?

In my opinion, the situation is a little too tricky to have a straight forward solution. But all said and done it’s only fair to let the Kashmiris choose their own destiny. The questions raised above may never be answered because today’s Kashmir is lead by people who hate India. The lure of power is too big for them. Perhaps it’s best to leave them to their own destiny.

Additional reading: Think the Unthinkable by Vir Sanghvi (Link via IndiaUncut).

Update: How it all started 60 years ago.



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  1. Neel288 / Aug 19 2008 9:29 pm

    Let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind that solution of Kashmir issue, by offering it on a platter to Pakistan as suggested by some, will in no way ensure an end to India’s problems. On the contrary it would open up a pandora’s box, expose India as a soft state run by incompetent thugs, and encourage India’s enemies to re-double their efforts to subvert the nation.
    The kashmiri traitors, living on India’s salt, may be allowed to peacefully move to Pakistan, or may simply be kicked out of the country.

  2. Liju Philip / Aug 20 2008 12:33 am

    If we follow what Swamy, Amit Varma etc say, then today its Kashmir, tmrw it will be some other region in India.

    We’ll let go of Kashmir. But first let them (whoever wants freedom) do a few things.

    1. Return back with interest all the money we have spent on them in the past 60 years.
    2. Apologise and pay compensation for all the acts of terror they have done in the past so many years (not only in Kashmir but all over India).
    3. Rub their nose on their ground, lick our feet and aplologise, and then we can think of letting Kashmir go.

    Till then, the freedom fighters should be kicked into Pakistan, remove the article 377, make every Indian buy property in Kashmir and change the majority muslim society. No Islam majority and no crappy Azadi. Simple. Do what China did in Tibet.

    For all that first we need some govt with Balls. I dont mean the fake Sardar Vallabhai Patel Advani and his chaddi gang or Sonia aunty and her merry men.

  3. sriniani / Aug 20 2008 10:37 am

    These so called intellectuals are least worried of the future of a nation. They are so enmeshed in their own ideological crap that they fail to realise the consequences of giving freedom to Kashmir.

  4. bookcrazy / Aug 21 2008 12:18 pm

    I think it does not matter to any Kashmiri if they are branded as anti-national.

    I don’t think the Kashmiris would have hated India if it had cared. But time and again we have shown we don’t. The only importance of Kashmir to India is that of strategic importance, as a buffer between India and Pakistan.

    The only solution to Kashmir is autonomy. Except military, all aspects of autonomy. Strategically it is impossible for India to declare Kashmir independent. But, it can keep the borders and points of infiltration secure and have an autonomous state, not as a part of India, exist. And we will need a neutral international agency to monitor complaints of excess by the Indian Military Forces.

    If this solution is not accepted by us, eventually Kashmir will become independent, but weak. Virtually controlled indirectly by Pakistani groups. And it will remain volatile.

  5. raj / Aug 23 2008 6:04 pm

    muslims have too much in breeding , in breeding results poor thinking , lack of sensible solution to every problem,
    Kashmiri muslims are suckers , they take huge money and resources from India , and yet burn Indian flags. They can not produce even a needle by their efforts, They spend most of their life talking independance and becomming terrorist.
    Terrorist should be thrown out of Indian soil once for all, however if they want separate state give them one forth of land and let them live sepatately-that is the best solution

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