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August 10, 2008 / lazybug

Random Notes

The coming week is going to be a 4-day affair (or may be 4.5). What makes it so special as worthy a mention in my blog? It’s the first such weekend since April 2008.

Have not taken any photographs for two weeks now. Camera is with a cousin.

Been glued to the iPod (belonging to the same cousin). It’s an amazingly addictive gadget. Gave it to dad for a few minutes today…he understood how to use it in no time. All Hail!

Got drenched three times in less than 24 Hrs over the weekend. Loved it. Many others, whose houses got marooned due to it did not like the rains though. My sympathies.

Not been able to finish reading the book Mammaries of the Welfare State. Too broad a humour for my taste. Will finish it.

Have been debating Microsoft’s monopolistic practices back at FreeHyderabad Forums. I am glad I use Ubuntu at home.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics got underway. Here are some amazing pics from the opening ceremony which I missed.

Lyrics for the moment

I am a citizen of the planet
My laws are all of attraction
My punishments are consequences
Separating from source the original sin – Citizen of the planet, Alanis Morissette


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