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July 27, 2008 / lazybug

All About Intelligence

Intelligence, as defined by Encylopedia Brittanica:

mental quality that consists of the abilities to learn from experience, adapt to new situations, understand and handle abstract concepts, and use knowledge to manipulate one’s environment.

Intelligence, as shown by our ministers after the blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad:

Shivraj Patil
‘Anti-national elements have been trying to create panic among the people of our country. [The] blasts in Ahmadebad seem to be part of the same strategy,’

Narendra Modi
“Terrorists are waging a war against India. We should be prepared for a long battle against terrorism,”

LK Advani
It seems that our anti-terrorist legal framework has loopholes. It also seems that the kind of activities to stop terrorists have not being implemented properly. We have been informing the Prime Minister that our country’s anti-terrorist legal framework is loose.

Coming soon after the Jaipur blasts, it confirms that terrorist groups are still active.

The mismatch is quite obvious. Our ministers come up with such ‘intelligence’ every time we are bombed. The unfortunate fact is that their intelligence guides our national security plans. It’s no surprise then that terrorists are bombing our cities as and when they like it.

Of course, their intelligence does not stop at that. They also make sure that any reforms directed at checking the situation are appropriately opposed.

Highly placed sources said that in the aftermath of the two incidents in as many days, the Centre will again push for such an agency, in line with the suggestions made by various police reforms panels.

They said efforts should also be made to elicit views of all Chief Ministers, MPs and MLAs for evolving a consensus, but maintained that many states were not very forthcoming.

These police reforms have been suggested more than a year ago. But even after seven bombings, our ministers are yet to come to a consensus on the issue. The reason? These reforms will take away some powers from the state governments in dealing with incidents that have an effect beyond the border of one state.

The intelligence of ministers works only when power over their domains is concerned. But why talk, be worried or be angry about it? Hasn’t this always been the case?



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  1. Liju Philip / Jul 28 2008 5:22 am

    I never had any doubts about the intelligence of our leaders. It was at full display during the no-confidence motion beamed live on television.

    still wonder how these morons get elected everytime.

  2. IdliDosa / Jul 28 2008 7:29 am

    Apparently, the police comm of Bangalore told reporters after the B’lore episode that they ‘did not have any prior information about the blasts’.

  3. vinay / Jul 28 2008 4:28 pm

    This is getting too much. one question. How many blasts took place when BJP was in power?

  4. prityjaiswal / Jul 29 2008 8:33 am

    The high profile meetings involving police chiefs, chief ministers before the Bangalore blast, had Gujarat representative missing!I wonder if their presence would have helped

  5. Sadhu Ramakrishna / Jul 29 2008 8:57 am

    Most of our politicians are “Intelligence Personified”. No wonder they come up with such statements.

    @ Vinay: How much is too much? Did u question or make a statement in favour of BJP?

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