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July 24, 2008 / lazybug

Loving Ekta Kapoor

Google thinks I love Ekta Kapoor. I don’t know how it reached that conclusion, but this is the text ad that appeared on my gmail today.

I don’t mind gmail bots sneaking into my mails and displaying relevant ads, but I do mind ads such as this one. I mean, it’s been a tiring day at the workplace, then the long ride back home…and what do I end up with at the end of the day? Now that’s what I call ad’non’sense. What a shame. I curse the person who made the copy for this text ad and I, from the bottom of my guts, detest the bot that linked this ad to some godforsaken text in my mail. Hope sanity prevails.



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  1. Chittaranjan / Jul 24 2008 7:29 pm

    ROFLMAO. So ur secret’s out! U secretly admire Kashish, u hope to become Sujal, detest Komolika and respect Baa and admire Tulsi and fear Ansh Gujral!!!

    BTW, thats probably not an ad but a “Web Clip”. Its enabled by default but one can turn it off. U must’ve had the ‘Entertainment’ Web Clips ON and they just showed it! I blame you for not turning it OFF (I turned it OFF the next day of its introduction itself 😛 ) More here

    U be Welcome 😎

  2. Santhosh Reddy / Jul 25 2008 12:01 am

    Fantastic Lazybug, that shows how lazy you are. Get to the settings in gmail and turn off the web clips option. You will never worry about Ekta Kapoor trying to make you fall in love with her.

  3. Gaurab / Jul 25 2008 1:18 pm





  4. Santhosh Reddy / Jul 25 2008 1:47 pm

    @Gaurab: Thanks for responding to the post and your respect for the one and only Ekta Kapoor.

    @Lazybug: Could you please forward this guy’s details to Ekta soon. He should be suitable for the role of KKomalikaran in the soon to come Kaha Kaha Se Aaa Jatey Hain (KKSAJH).

  5. Ramakrisna / Jul 26 2008 5:07 am

    @lazybug: U never told us that u share good rapport with Ekta Kapoor. As per Santhosh’s suggestion, u can refer this guy (Gaurab) for any of her up n coming projects. wht say??

    @santhosh: The title is interesting. BTW when will this serial be featured on television?

  6. omersiddiqui / Jul 26 2008 6:32 am

    Dear Gaurab, Ekta Kapoor’s serials are platform for women to expertise in domestic politics. What role can you play there?

  7. Chittaranjan / Jul 26 2008 1:47 pm

    LOL! Akki can now boast to be Ekta Kapoor’s casting agent and lure lotsa gullible wannabe actors/actresses 😛

  8. lazybug / Jul 26 2008 6:37 pm

    I have decided to stay mum about all this.

  9. Santhosh Reddy / Jul 26 2008 6:48 pm

    Who knows he might even start his dream project “Kya Tho Bhi (KTB)”.

  10. Aravind / Jul 27 2008 1:55 am

    Dear Ekta Madam,
    I come with reference of your lover Akhil Tandulwadikar, he has reported that you love him and he loves you back. I have acted all my life with many different people and places.

    I know that you will not say no to Akhil’s friend and as such would like you to give me a role in your next serial. I am ok with putting up make up and lipistick. I even got my chest etc waxed if you want me to make such poses.

    Please give me an opportunity to work in your Balaji Parivar. And yeah, Charan Sparsh!!!

    Inspiring Actor.

  11. Chittaranjan / Jul 27 2008 1:24 pm

    See…Akki’s already started canvassing for a “mum” role. I presume it will be immortalized a la “Baa”!

    BTW, seeing Akki has two K’s in his nick (and one more in his surname…..moreover, his name has the same no. of Ks as in Ekta’s name)….Ekta Kapoor may just fall head-over-heels for him!!! :mrgreen:

  12. Manpreet / Jul 27 2008 1:29 pm

    Well, I have been worrying about these funny things appearing on my Gmail too. But never took them this seriously though.. I see it, and let it pass.

  13. Liju Philip / Jul 28 2008 5:23 am

    Ekta Kapoor is single. Do i see some romance brewing between you two, Akhil bhai?

    Dont tell me that soon i will have to call her Bhabhi 😉

  14. prityjaiswal / Jul 29 2008 7:26 am

    Akhil and Ekta sounds good, and a couple of K’s in the surname!!;-)

  15. Bhamoti / Jul 29 2008 7:30 am

    Kya Akhil…. You never told us …. what’s going on between the two of you?? 😉

  16. CAD / Jul 31 2008 4:00 am


    Akki is Kekta’s toy boy cum casting agent? 😮


    do u clean the casting couch regularly akki? 😉

  17. Sherry / Aug 1 2008 7:36 am

    OMG! OMG! OMG! ROFL @the comments!

    The google bots need a GPL.

  18. Arul / Aug 4 2008 3:17 pm

    That was with Googlebot. How about WordPress’s algorithm 😉

  19. lazybug / Aug 4 2008 5:01 pm

    The silence continues.

  20. Chittaranjan / Aug 4 2008 7:57 pm

    There’s a saying in Telugu – Mounam Ardhangeekaaram – meaning ‘Silence is half-agreement’!

    Yay to EktAkki :mrgreen:

  21. chirax / Aug 13 2008 2:27 pm

    She comes across as one of the most uncreative person in India. At least Lalo is original.

  22. Ekta Kapoor / Aug 18 2008 2:55 pm

    Ekta Kapoor’s much talkedabout show, Kahaani Hamaaray Mahabhaarat Ki, will go on air, earlier than the scheduled date. So now viewers can tune in to the epic from July 7 onwards, instead of the earlier schedule of August 15. The show is slated to be a daily and will be aired on prime time from Monday to Thursday.
    This change of schedule has taken place because Balaji Telefilms are way ahead of their deadline and have already built up a huge bank of episodes.
    Although Ekta Kapoor remained unavailable for comment, a spokesperson of the channel says, “Yes, we had earlier announced the date of the telecast as August 15, to buy time as it is a big and ambitious show. Also, we wanted to ensure that we have a proper bank of episodes before we begin telecasting. Now that we have built up a bank of episodes, we are ready to go on air from July 7.”

    Source :

  23. lazybug / Aug 18 2008 5:22 pm

    Thank you. Will avoid it. 🙂

  24. Chittaranjan / Aug 18 2008 8:38 pm

    Ermm…..Why July’s news is being posted in August?

    @Akki: Was it your ‘humble’ suggestion?

  25. Ekta / Aug 18 2008 9:54 pm

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  26. jasmine / Sep 2 2008 10:09 am

    Ekta kapoors new show Kahani humarein Mahabharat ki is most talked about these days . I think its a nice show with lots of characters in it.




  27. Chittaranjan / Sep 2 2008 7:28 pm

    Ohno! Not another Kkahanii 👿

  28. Udayan Mukherjee / Sep 17 2008 4:30 pm

    I watched the few episode of Ekta kapur’s Mahabharat.I am very much depressed to see this serial. It is an AMERICANISED MAHABHARAT so far as costumes are concerned.Are we watching the movie of THE KING ALEXANDER? WHY THE COSTUME OF ANCIENT GREEK HAVE BEEN USED IN INDIAN MYTHOLOGY? In fact there is a contrversy regarding the dress. Nobody have seen what type of dress Arjun usually wore.But IT SHOULD BE WHAT MAJOR PEOPLE HAVE GOT AN IMPRESSION ABOUT THEIR DRESSES.mRS kAPUR SHOULD SEE THE b.R cHOPRA’S mAHABHARAT AND THE OLD FEATURE FILM MAHABHARAT by A.A Nadiatwala acted by Pradip kumar, Padmini and Dara Singh.the looks and posture of the actor and actress are disgusting(Just like modern movie as if in which all are playing the role of mafia don). THIS MAHABHARAT IS VERY HARMFULL FOR NEW GENERATION because we have already seen the previous serial and movie and also read different books on Mahabharat.But most of the children of new generation do not know the story of mahabharat and they have not seen the old serial and movie. So they will have a wrong Idea about the characters of ONE OUR MOST POPULAR EPIC.

    It is my request to each and everybody who are watching Ekta Kapur’s Mahabharat to raise voice against the telecast of this horrible AMERICANISED STYLE OF INDIAN MYTHOLOGY.It is very much harmful to our children. The looks and dresses of the actor and actresses are like a westernised mafia don. The costumes are just like ancient Greek. The standing style, the way of dialogue throwing of the actors are as if they have come to a disco club. The most horrible is DRAUPADI. Oh my god! toal westernised face.sHE IS JUST SHOUTING.hORRIBLE ACTING.

    What a horrible widow dress Satyabati and Amba are wearing.It is just like wedding dress of a English lady.Ekta Kapur is fully influenced by AMERICAN CULTURE which she has focused on one of our Great epic like MAHABHARAT, SHAME, SHAME. Did Ekta Kapur read all these comments of public. She should read.

    Where is the long moustache of Santanu, Bhishma, Kans, Duryodhan? Does Ekta Kapur know that Moustache was the prestige of a Khatriya Raja? or she wants to write a new Mahabharat in westernised style? ankit said so what the ppl are wearing and hw they are looking. That means in ankit’s opinion santanu can easily wear jeans and tea shirt? oh? the style and test of the people may change in course of time.But this change should not be reflected in our mythology. the face make-up of Vishma, shantanu,duryodhan, and kans are just like a actros and actrsses of enghlish cow boys movie. Horrible .
    What a horrible face of Dhritarastra.Totally AMERICANISED FACE.Ekta kapur’s Mahabharat is insulting to one of our great epic.Probably mr Ankit and Mr Rajguru have no idea about this epic. The selection of actor,the costume, the way of acting, all are fully westernised. That is why I am against the telecast of this sereial.It is harmfull to our new generation.

  29. Udayan Mukherjee / Sep 17 2008 4:31 pm

    Ekta Kapur has brought the westernized fashion “Six pack Ab” in her Mahabharat. All characters (Male) exhibiting their open body just like ‘DARD E DISCO. WHAT IS THIS? Does Ekta think that these types of Americanized culture in Mahabharat will attract the young generation? If so then I will say she is wrong. Today’s young generations are not so cheap. Ekta should be punished for producing and spoiling our culture. All characters of Mahabharat looks like the character of modern age. One always expects a sort of super mundane aura to emanate from the mythological characters presented before them on the screen.

  30. Udayan Mukherjee / Sep 17 2008 4:32 pm

    As a professional music composer of Bengal I would like to say that the background music and the background song of Ekta Kapur’s Mahabharat is not all up to the mark. There is no mythological touch in it. Actually no body knows what type of songs was at the time of Mahbharat. But in all previous mythological bollywood movie the famous music composer like Vasant Desai, C.Ramchandra, Chitragupta, Laxmikant-Payrelal, Kalyanji-Anandji , Rajkamal selected few Ragas like CHANDRAKAUNS, MALKAUNSE, DARBARI-KANARA, KALAVATI, BHAIRABI and by applying frequently in their composition( Of course the songs are modern, commercial songs) in mythological movies like SAMPURNA RAMAYANA,(1960PROBABLY) PAVANPUTRA HANUMAN, (1958 probably), MAHBHARAT(1965), HARISH CHANDRA TAARAMATI(1964 probably), HARIDARSHAN(1973), HAR HAR MAHADEV(1970 probably), B.R CHOPRA’S MAHABHARAT they establish a “ mythological touch” in a mythological movie. It can not be physically defined. It is a precedent. It should be realized by heart. Particularly the songs composed in raga CHANDRAKAUNSE AND MALKAUNSE are considered to be the most effective in mythological hindi commercial movie. The music of Ekta Kapur Mahabharat failed to fulfill these criteria. It is just shouting and full of noise. I have not seen the name of the music composer in the title. But who may be he should take lesson from our previous great music composers whose name are mentioned above by listening to their music. I also composed many tune in many devotional and mythological music video and tele-films. I always try to give mythological touch in my composition. At least it should be different from a song of a modern movie.

  31. Udayan Mukherjee / Sep 17 2008 4:34 pm

    The figure, make-up, the hair style of the two securities standing in the front of Yashoda’s door to protect child Sre Krishna in Ekta’s Mahabharat are horrible. The General imagination of a muscular man of that period is that, he should look like a PHAELVAN with huge body and muscles. Here the securities are looks like a school/college boy of a English medium school/college and they have come from JIM. After looking their hair style everyone will think that they regularly go to beauty Saloon to adjust their hair. Ektaji please don’t spoil our one of the great epic.

  32. Udayan Mukherjee / Sep 17 2008 4:36 pm

    • Actually the face of a young woman in Indian mythology should be heart shape(Padmini in Mahabharat, Rupa Ganguly in chopra’s serial, Dipika Chilkia as Sita in Ramayan serial, Anita Guha as Sita in Sampurna Ramayan). This is the general impression of public regarding Mythological characters. Not like the face of English type(for example Bipasha Basu, Susmita Sen, or the woman acting as Draupadi in Ekta’s Mahabharat.

  33. Chittaranjan / Sep 17 2008 7:00 pm

    Boy! Looks like someone did a PhD on Ekta Kapoor and her serial and then thought Lazybug’s blog was the site where they should submit their Thesis so as to qualify for a doctorate! Or maybe we should call it ‘K’octorate!

    I’m wondering on a lot of stuff now about the comments (yeah, plural!) up above…including how can one conclude that those costume were ‘Greek’? I haven’t seen them so can’t comment whether they really were greek or not but who cares? It isn’t FTV whereon one looks at the costumes (hey…people DO see the channel for the dresses). Second wondering thought relates to the ‘children being spoilt’ part. What kind of children would see this channel (NDTV Imagine, is it?) when there are the Pogos, Cartoon Networks and Diisneys and others. Even the children’s moms will be busy with the Saas-Bahu sagas and all to bother with that serial. So i’m thinking it not only is a waste of time to see that serial but also a waste of time commenting about what the characters do and how they look like and what do they war and what do they NOT wear!!!

    Hehhhe….the NOT wear thought does lend to several other possibilities, doesn’t it? 😛

  34. Pitamaah / Sep 17 2008 7:16 pm

    I am not sure if udayan has a problem with Ekta or America. half of his writing is about america and western culture.

    If nobody has seen what arjun wore, whats the problem in putting him in a any dress? and how can you conclude that its greek? you were in greece in the times of Hercules and Caesar and Zeus? Did they wear clothes such as shown in this serial? There also is comparison with cow boy make up. dude, which cowboy have you seen with makeup? they all are rough-looking guys with stubbles and hats.

    And please, what do you mean by “dialogue throwing” and “tea shirt” and “style and test” and “producing and spoiling our culture” and “super mundane aura” 😆 and “JIM” and “heart shaped face”. Enlighten me on the meaning of these words…..

  35. Udayan Mukherjee / Sep 19 2008 2:09 am

    Pritam How old are you? Try to think deeply what I am going to say. Nobody seen what Arjun wore.But that does not mean you can select westernised costume for Indian Mythological character.What is general impression of the public regarding the dress of a mythological character? Is it what ekta has selected or whar B>RCHopra selected or Ramanaand Sagar selected for their? Ekta should respect the general impression which is lying in the mind of the public years after years.WHAT WAS YOUR IMPRESSION REGARDING THE COSTUME OF MYTHOLOGICAL CHARACYER BEFORE WATCHING EKTA’S HORRIBLE MAHABHARAT? PRITAM PL SEE CHOPRA’S MAHABHARAT OR MAHBHARAT FEATURE FILM THEN YOU WILL UNDERSTAND.

  36. Liju Philip / Sep 19 2008 9:57 am

    kaun timepass hai re yeh Udayan Mukherjee haula? Dont tell me that the stock market crash has forced the CNBC anchor to come here and vent his spleen on your blog 😉

  37. Udayan Mukherjee / Sep 19 2008 11:28 am

    Majority of the people are writing against this serial in other blog.Liju Philips ji Try to break my point with proper argument.Don’t write Anap-Sanap

  38. chirax / Sep 19 2008 12:06 pm

    @Liju: Isn’t Mahabharata a Mythological Story. so one one has a clue of what people were wearing and doing with their life other than the broad story line. I think this is the problem with Indian well believe and fight for stories which are so ancient that it has stopped making any sense. Anyways I believe no one owns a copy right to this story so it is a CC license :), hence even though we all hate Ekta Kapoor together we shouldn’t really crib if someone is exercising there freedom of expression, now should we? There is always a close button on TV remote and a browser.

    @Udayan: I think this is what you were expecting, the”proper argument”

  39. Udayan Mukherjee / Sep 19 2008 12:14 pm

    The special effects of Ekta’s Mahbharat are C grade. Even in the year 2008 the special effect of this serial is not up to the mark. Whereas the special effects in the feature film Mahabharat released in the year 1965 was fantastic. The director was BABUBHAI MISTIRY who was the inventor of special effects in hindi movie.Ekta should see this movie. The special effect of Chopra’s Mabharat was also very good. Actually Ekta has no experience of making these types of serial. Ektaji, pl note it is not so easy and it is not a SAAS-Bahu serial. You have to convert your mind from westernised to Indianised .You are thinking that young generation will be attracted by your modernization of Mahabharat.It is totally wrong. You can’t bring new waive in Mythology by imposing your new horrible thoughts. Please see MAHABHARAT FEATURE FILM AND CHOPRA’S SERIAL,OR MAHABHARAT NOW SHOWING AT NDTV IMAGINE AND TRY TO REALISE WHY MOST OF THE PEOPLE ARE AGAINST YOUR Mahabharat.

  40. Udayan Mukherjee / Sep 19 2008 12:23 pm


  41. George Lucas / Sep 19 2008 8:14 pm

    If Babubhai Mistry invented special effects, then what the eff were ILM and other studios were doing?

    Udayji, no offense but why are you comparing today’s serials with the yesteryear ones? They happen to be the different interpretation of different individuals. Is BR Chopra’s Mahabharat THE PATTHAR KI LAKEER as far as the picturization and costumes go? I’m sure that you would have cribbed the same things if that serial came in today’s times! Chopra has not STANDARDIZED the costumes and the style of Mahabharata, did he? He isn’t VYASA MUNI for god’s sake!

    And what sort of “General impression of the public” are you talking about? Just because you think so doesn’t make it an impression of the general public. Take a poll amongst the countrymen like the TV channels do for exit polls and put forth your findings and then we can say it is a general impression. And even if it IS a general impression, it was because Chopra’s Mahabharat came EARLIER than Ekta’s. Maybe after Ekta’s Mahabharat, people’s opinions will change according to the Veshbhusha of the characters in this. Simple!

    And if you are so against this serial, STOP WATCHING IT. If you want others to stop watching it, file a PIL and get the serial telecast stopped. Dont just spew bilious statements on randon blogs.

  42. Udayan Mukherjee / Sep 20 2008 4:32 am

    Lucas ji yes I am ready to take vote of the people.You will see majority will give much much higher marks to Chopra’s serial.Actually they have already given in other blog.No chopra did not standerdise the costume, but he used those costumes which generaly used in mythological character in every film and picture in the book.Ekta has no authority to change it and use new horrible costume in Indian mythological character.WHY SHE USED TATOO IN THE ARM OF MOST OF THE CHRACTER? WERE THE CHARACTERS LIKE AMERICAN PUNK?SHAME, SHAME.MOUSTUCHE was the prestige of khatriya.Most of the characters of Ekta’s Mahabharat are without moustuche.It is done by Ekta either purposefully to bring westernised flavour in mythology to attract young generation(Which is wrong planning because young generation are very much intellegent and they can’t be influenced by this C-grade planning)or she doesn’t know anthing.I again repeat No directors can brings their own new thoughts in mythological film.It was also not done by the famous director of mythological bollywood movie Babubhai Mistry nor by the Great director B.R Chopra.Ekta is just like a child to them so far as direction is concerned. Lucasji, WHY DON’T YOU WATCH THE SERIAL MAHABHARAT MAHASNGRAM NOW SHOWING AT NDTV IMAGINE OR DRAUPADI IN SAHARA ONE? you will understand what I am trying to say.Don’t support Ekta blindly.Ekta’s Mahabhrat is not so popular in comparison to Chopra’s Mahabhrat.She has done blunder.

  43. George Lucas / Sep 20 2008 10:25 am

    Udayji, good that you are ready to take the poll. Get back with the audited results and we’ll see how many people actually think that the dresses in Chopra’s serial are closer to those in their imagination!

    And what book are you talking about? Did Vyasa pen his Mahabharata in a comic-book version, where there are illustrations of the clothes and all? Whatever the characters are wearing is the creative visualization of the department that is responsible for it? And think one second whether Ekta is the one who is the costume designer? She is the producer only. Next time you see the serial, notice who is the costume designer and blame him/her for the kind of costumes you see in the show. Also note the make-up man name and blame him for the tattoos. Were tattoos not there in mahabharata times? Do you know for sure?

    And if as you say the younger generation is intelligent and is not influenced by these serials, what else is your problem? They are not seeing it, why are you getting into a frenzy? If no director can bring new flavour in serials and movies, where will creativity and creative freedom go? Innovation is the need of the hour!

    As I said before, if you really hate it, file a PIL and get it stopped. Have you seen Rang De Basanti? Remember: zindagi jeene ke do hi tareeke hote hain, ek – jo ho raha hai use hone do, ya phir – zimmedari uthao use badalne ki

  44. Udayan Mukherjee / Sep 21 2008 2:04 am

    It is not the mistake of make-up man or the dresser.Ekta as adirector should be blamed for the horrible dress-
    1)Why she selected Rediculous hair-band on the head of the each character.Where is MUKUT?
    2)Why all charaters are wearing black dresses?
    3)Where are the mustouches which were the prestige of khatriya?
    4)What a horrible set-settings and decoration of raj-darbaar,as if they were leaving in a cave.Ekta should learn from B.R Chopra,Ramanand Sagar who were the creature of Mahabharat and Ramayan.
    5) Brining six pack ab is the blunder of this serial.The muscular mythological charater generally mean PAHELWAN type body like DARA SINGH,PRAVIN KUMAR,SAUDAGAR SINGH(iNDIAN WRESTLER) not like Salman khan, Hritik roshan,who bult their by going to modern GYM.

  45. Udayan Mukherjee / Sep 21 2008 7:39 am


    Ved Vyaaaas ZEE said…

    Its “THE MOST” Disgusting interpretation of the greatest EPIC running on the prime time(Jo Channel aur Ekta ko le Dubegaaa).
    It Depicts the Insane Brain of Ekta and her Slaves(Actors who knows what the MESS they are doing and still cant speak up a word).
    Ekta Shud be featured as one of the Most “Bewakooofh” Character India has produced.Nevermind not her fault.. Pehle to AAdhi Pagal Thiii Ab PURI PAGAL Ho Gayi Hai..Ye Cartoon Mahabharat Bana Ke.Ha Ha Ha Ha..ITS Seems She has Made Mr.BEAN (K MahaBharat) to come in the Primetime for the Purpose of WWF.She is trying to show Mr. Bean Vs.Undertaker (RAmayan NDTV)…Ab Aaage Kya Hogaaa Sabko Pata HAI..
    BULL SHIT SPECIAL EFFECTS AND SIX PACKS MYTHOLOGICAL CHARACTERS…HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ..iN Short K Mbharat is a COMIC Serial..PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS introduce SIDHU Ji in any of the characters…”An Intelligent suggestion”..

  46. George Lucas / Sep 21 2008 3:54 pm

    Udayan, I am not in favor of Ekta. I am against people such as you who blabber nonsense just because they have a bone to pick with someone. I have said it before and will say it again, if you are so against it, please have the good sense to take some actions against that. Spewing venomous statements here is not going to do any good…this is NOT ekta’s blog nor is she going to read it. As for your points, I’ll answer them one by one:

    Ekta is NOT the director, is she? The end choice of the costumes belongs to the art-director/costumes dept.
    1. Hairbands are IN. Mukuts are OUT because of the ridiculous gold prices 😛 Do you have any pictorial evidence that the Pandavas wore Mukuts and not headbands? Dont tell me since BR Chopra’s serial had them, they are the DEFINITE.
    2. If they wear white, what guarantee is there that you will not yell ‘why are they wearing white dresses??’!
    3. Bhima didnt have a moustache even in BR Chopra’s Mahabharata. What do you have to say to that?
    4. Please do not insult Chopra and Ramanand Sagar by calling them “Creature”!!!
    5. Again, I ask for whether you have any evidence that the pahelwans in that age didn’t have 6-pack-abs? Don’t u have anything better to do than keep counting the abs-packs of the serials’ characters?

    Where is the Convention and Precedent that you are talking about? Where then will ‘Creativity’ and ‘Independence’ and ‘Imagination’ go?

    And please, don’t copy paste stuff from some other places. Ask them to say so themselves. I can paste a 100 comments here praising the serial, will you keep quite then?

    Seriously, I’ll urge you to do one thing: Get a Life!

  47. Udayan Mukherjee / Sep 22 2008 3:04 am

    Lucasji you can’t give answar to the point.Who said Beema had mustouch.I said Mustouch was the prestige of Khatrya.What about othe chracter?Why they are without mustouch? I think you have no habits to read book. Please read every book on mythology, and see steel photo of mythological character. A class one boy/girl has a knowledge that they wore Mukut.It is a common sense that the convention of Raja and Rajputra was that they generally wore Mukut.Ekta has no authority to select hair band instead of Mukut.I know she has done this to bring Americanised Punk effect.6 packs abs can be made by modern type of instruments available in Gym.Don’t say “Who told you that there was no Gym and there was no instrument”.Yes there was gym called “Akhra” where MUGUR, etc was the instruments, not those instruments which are found in modern Gym.Wrestling was the main sports of a muscle manand wrestling body can’t have six pack ab.It is done by Ekta purposefully to bring westernised effect.Shame, Shame.

  48. George Lucas / Sep 22 2008 7:49 am

    Answer why didn’t Bhima in BR Chopra’s Mahabharata didn’t have a moustache (note the spelling please) and I’ll tell you why the cast in Ekta’s Mahabharata don’t have moustaches :mrgreen:

    What the hell is “steel” photo? And I asked a class two pupil about mukut and he just stared at me. Please ask the class one boy/girl whom you asked about mukut to come up here and say so themselves!

    You say Ekta has no authority to select hair band. May I ask what “authority” do you have to comment on Ekta’s choice? I don’t support Ekta but I don’t ridicule her either. Why should I bother with what she is showing on-screen!!!

    And even if the 6 pack abs were done to bring western influence, what is the problem? Do the westerners yell ‘shame shame’ when people there do yoga? Its ridiculous to see you (and even I) wasting so much time & effort on something so mundane as this 👿

    Maybe its time I should get a life, even if you choose NOT to!

  49. Enna pudingala / Sep 22 2008 11:28 am

    Areey oo sambhar! Kitne mahabharat hain re. Kaiku kaali peeli jaagadre idhar. BR Chopra aur Ekta Kapoor se tumko kya lena hain re. Poore internet pe baas eehich mila tum dono ko ladne ke liye. Tumhari donno ke naak mein rassi.

  50. Udayan Mukherjee / Sep 22 2008 11:35 am

    Lucasji You can’t understand the problem because you are wearing dark coloured glassess in your eyes.Just think, she is imposing western influence through our mythology.Isn’t a crime?You are saying it is not a problem?You are also totally influenced by American Culture.Hai Kaya hoga India ka jab aisi santan is dharti par ho.Don’t write ANAP-SANAP. Pl try to think it deeply then you will understand.IT IS A C-GRADE SERIAL.

  51. Udayan Mukherjee / Sep 22 2008 11:38 am

    Lucasji I am furnishing the comments of another person regarding Ekta’s Mahabharat—
    14 September 2008
    The New Mahabharat is a damp squib. It neither scores on the technological front, nor on the script front. But credit should be given to the Producers for making public dislike even such an immensely loved Mahabharatha. They just thought that giving glamarous costumes & [seemingly] better technology can help them get a good TRP. I am never going to see it ever.

  52. Udayan Mukherjee / Sep 22 2008 11:41 am

    Lucasji, Pl read another comments—
    08 August 2008
    the mahabharat made by ekta shud be jus shut down immediately. if she has any sense of shame let her jus close it. she is fit to do only nonsensical saans bahu serials. let her do jus that much. she cant even comprehend an inch of what that great epic says. and she is taken to direct it. uf! it is uf!

  53. George Lucas / Sep 22 2008 1:42 pm


    So what if I’m wearing a dark glass? Atleast that makes me look cool… 😎 at least I’m not an ostrich who’s buried its head in the sand and refuses to see or understand sense and sensibility!

    As Enna said above your comments, what have we gotta do with Ekta’s serial? I care zilch about it…its comments of people like you that I’m more interested in….khaya peeya kuch nahin! Glass toda barah aana! 😛

    I don’t need to think (deeply or shallowly) at all to understand retarded sentimentalities and mundane views!

    I’ll copy-paste (or type them myself!) more than 10 reviews of people who have absolutely loved Ekta’s Mahabharata here? Will you clam up then?

  54. chirax / Sep 22 2008 4:10 pm

    @Udayan: I thought you were drunk or something on Friday that’s why didn’t encourage you.

    I mean are you retarded or plain old pissed that Ekta Kapoor because makes more money than you can ever maybe imagine. Or the fact that she didn’t consider for you for a part in the Mahabharata for being a moron? or some woman ditched you, what’s wrong with you, and as Lucas suggested “Get A Fuc*EN Life”

    @lazybug: can you please block this person?

  55. Sanjay Lal / Sep 24 2008 6:12 pm

    Can u Guess ekta kapoor Website
    as ekta kapoor every thing start
    with so it also with

    Kajeeb na

  56. Udayan Mukherjee / Sep 30 2008 2:13 pm

    Lucasji you should respect the majority decision.You can’t make proper argument and also can’t give answer properly by breaking my point.Instead of that you are writting’ANAP-SANAP”.I think you are too much immature to create proper debate.Now please tell me DO YOU THINK SELECTION OF DRAUPADI IS PROPER IN EKTA’S MAHABHARAT?IF YOUR ANSWAER IS YES, THEN TELL ME THE POINTS IN FAVOUR OF SELECTION OF DRAUPADI.In my opinion she is not suitable for mythological roll, because her face is like enghlish type, and also figure also that.Please compare her with Rupa Ganguly Padmini,as draupadi in B.R chopra’s Mahabharat and feature film Mahabharat respectively and Anita Guha and Dipika as Sita in Ramayan.

  57. George Lucas / Sep 30 2008 6:54 pm

    Who’s the majority? where is the proof? Do you have any stats to prove that? And look who’s talking about immaturity 😆

    As for your question about Draupadi, YES, I think the draupadi in Ekta’s Mahabharata is the perfect draupadi…why? she is so er…um….1/Cos C 😛 compared to her, the other actresses are plain vanilla!

  58. Udayan Mukherjee / Oct 1 2008 2:55 am

    Lucas ji If you want opinion of the major public I can show you the comments of many people who are against this serial.A little number of person who has no idea about mythology like you and are fully influenced by American culture like you are supporting this horrible serial.TAKE OPINION AGAIN REGARDING DRAUPADI, HA HA SHE IS JUST LIKE “MOM KI GURIA”. I think you are a psychlogical patient that is why you are saying Ekta’s Draupadi is better than Rupa Ganguly and Padmini. Have you seen B.R Chopra’s Serial and the feature Film Mahabharat? If you have not seen then pl watch at first then try to make comments. Otherwise don’t make rubish comments.Now Pl start taking opinion of the public.You will be no where.Pl note Ekta is too young to direct this type of serial.Further her culture is totally westernised which reflected in our one of the great epic.It is our bad-luck.

  59. George Lucas / Oct 1 2008 10:07 am

    Pah! I can also show you a thousand comments which praise the serial. what will it change? The fact is, you are taking out your personal grudge on ekta on this page and that too in an unfair manner.

    and I think Ekta’s draupadi is like DAD KI GUDIA 😛

    also, it is our bad luck that you haven’t yet acted upon our “get a life” suggestion! I feel sorry for u…..

  60. Udayan Mukherjee / Oct 1 2008 12:09 pm

    Why should I have personal grudge on Ekta? She has destroyed our great epic by making C-Grade serial bringing westernised flavour.Most of the people realise it except people like you who can’t think except western culture.Shame shame

  61. Udayan Mukherjee / Oct 2 2008 2:06 am

    Lucasji, Pl answare my following question:—
    1) Why Ekta has not put mustouch on the face of the most of the character.Doesn’t she know that it was the prestige of khatriya? or she has purposefully done this to bring westernised flavour?
    2)Why the characters are wearing hair-band? Where is Mukut which was also a prestige of khatriya.
    2) Why there is Tatoo in the body of Indian mythological character?
    It has been done by Ekta just to bring American Punk culture in Mythology.
    There are lots of odd and horrible things Ekta has brought in her serial.Audience are not idiot.They understand everything.That is why TRP of this serial is too low.

  62. George Lucas / Oct 2 2008 1:28 pm

    1. Because no one can put “mustouch” on anyone’s face. If you are referring to the hair on the upper-lip, it is called “Moustache”. And as to why has Ekta not put it on her actors’ is because it is not her responsibility. It is the make up department’s decision.

    2. Mukuts are costly because of the rising gold prices. And did Yudhistir come and tell you in your dreams that they always wore mukuts? Maybe in 9th Century BC, hair bands were the in-thing!

    3. Tatoos are also the pride of Kshatriyas. Didn’t you know that? 😛

    and yes, I agree that “audience are not idiot”. You are.

  63. Udayan Mukherjee / Oct 2 2008 2:56 pm

    WHAT A IDIOTIC COMMENTS.I think you have no intellegence.
    1)Ekta is the producer.You are telling she has no responsibility?Please read book carefully.You will find that Mutouche is the prestige of Khatryia.Without knowing don’t make loose comments.Try to gather knowledge.
    2)Mukut was also presige of a person belongs to Royal family.Don’t you know.Please see every picture and potrait of Mythological character.Ekta should maitain this tradition.She can’t impose new idea in mythological film.Nobody impose.Even famous and senior director like B.R Chopra, Babubhai Mistry, Homi Wahdia did not impose.Being a child (as a producer)she has no right to impose.
    3)There is no mention of Tatoo in the book where description of the character are mentioned.This is Ekta’s horrible idea, just to bring American flavour.However there is a mention of Mukut and Mustouche(Except Bheem,he had no mutouche)in the book.UNDERSTAND.

  64. Udayan Mukherjee / Oct 3 2008 2:31 am

    Lucasji, Read it:—

    24 August 2008
    Ekta’s Mahabharat is horrible to say the least ! Would like to point out something to Ekta…. The basic rule of the Kshatriyas says that “A Kshatriya should never go anywhere without his armour” ……..and in Ekta’s Mahabharat, Kshatriyas don’t even wear proper wardrobe before going somewhere….forget carrying thir armour !! … lol…Ekta’s Mahabharat is a comedy serial !

  65. Udayan Mukherjee / Oct 3 2008 2:47 am

    Read it:–

    08 August 2008
    the mahabharat made by ekta shud be jus shut down immediately. if she has any sense of shame let her jus close it. she is fit to do only nonsensical saans bahu serials. let her do jus that much. she cant even comprehend an inch of what that great epic says. and she is taken to direct it. uf! it is uf!

  66. George Lucas / Oct 3 2008 2:49 pm

    “WHAT A IDIOTIC COMMENTS”. Yes. Yours! 😆

    First learn to spell ‘Moustache” properly and then comment about Ekta’s choice. And what book are you talking about? Amar Chitra Katha? Why can’t a producer take some creative liberties? Do you remember a telugu song where the Taj Mahal was shown on a beach? Thank goodness there were no idiots like you to raise a hue and cry! People who have a problem with “imagination” should go and put their head in sand!

    And why can’t Ekta use her own ideas and impose tatoos and headbands on the characters? Its her serial, she can do whatever she pleases. Who are you to ask? If you don’t like it, don’t see it.

    Early man wore lioncloth and leaves…why then are you wering trousers and shirts nowadays? Ah! You too are bowing to “American Punk Culture”???

  67. George Lucas / Oct 3 2008 2:58 pm

    Udayan, read this:

    03 August 2008

    “Ekta Kapoor’s Kahani Hamarey Mahabharat Ki is a refreshing change from all the saas-bahu-multiple-husbands-wives serials that she has been doling out for the past so many years. Its not upto the mark of the older Mahabharata but is good enough for the younger generation. The costumes and styling are more realistic than the older serial. The actors are not made to lug around kilos of armour or jewellery that would make them look like Tribhovandas bhimji javeri mannequins! Simple costumes for a simpler times.”

    17 September 2008
    “I just love the new Ekta serial KHMK. Name had to start with a K…since it is a Ekta ki serial. kahan thi ab tak aap ekta ji? I did not see the serial till the yesterday night episode and missed the first episodes. will they come on tv again”

    27 August 2008

    “Hey checkout the new mahabharata on tv. the ekta kapoor waala. the queens look like our seniors at college with add makeup and simple and gud luking sarees n dresses. do u know the costumes are so better than in other saas bahu serials just awesum yaar main toh yeh serial har din dekhungi. wallpaper mile to batana. tata c u bye”

  68. Udayan Mukherjee / Oct 3 2008 3:14 pm

    No creative liberty in Mythology.If a producer or director had such liberty then B.R Chopra, Babubhai Mistry also could impose such horrible creation which Ekta did.But they were senseble director not like Ekta.. They gave respect to the general thoughts and impression of people regarding mythological chracter..If Tajmahal is shown in sea-beach then I will say the director is a mad.People did not re-act because they knew that the director of that picturisation had gone mad like you.
    Ekta has no right to put tatoos in the hand of mythological character because not only in Amar Chitra Katha but also in the book of Kaliprsanna Singha, or other great author of Mahabharat there is no description of Tatoos or hair-band.It is a Horrible imagination of Ekta just to bringh western culture in Mythology and idiotic person like you who does not know any culture except American culture can blindly support this.
    PL SEE PREVIOUS MOVIE i.e MAHABHARAT(Feature film),B.R chopra’s Mahabharat and Mahabharat Mahasangram now showing in NDTV imagine and then try to make suitable remarks.After reading your bogus argument people will laugh at you.

  69. Udayan Mukherjee / Oct 3 2008 3:22 pm

    Lucasji Just Read it–

    19 July 2008
    Its not EKtas fault..she simply does not have ability to recreate the great epic.Its not even 5% of the old mahabharata and their great characters..Useless lady..i hate her for destroying the great epic…

  70. Udayan Mukherjee / Oct 3 2008 3:24 pm

    Lucasji Just read—

    17 July 2008
    well well well,,, what more we can expect from a producer like ekta kapoor’s, I guess she do believe a lot in all those puja pat’s but still she doesn’t know how to treat our great epic in a pure Bhartiya manner, well hiring wester thinking guys and wester designer what more can you expect, only a remake of indian version of gladiator not of mahabharat, well at least when you are spending some money then guys do a llittle research on those things, black outfits are only means for bad occasions in hindus and look at those wester weapons(for god sake do some research ekta), guys with different contact lences and more over that the direction sounds only like we are watching kahani ghar ghar ki or sas bhi kabhi bahu thi.. same old stupid focuses from different angles and same old background music, well i tried only three episode and didn’t find a single episode without a background music. I guess when you are making serials on such epics so please spend some money on the research also. This is the biggest mockery of all the time by ekta kapoors, and it’s not Humaray, it should be Humari Mahabharat.

  71. George Lucas / Oct 3 2008 7:48 pm

    Ha! To think that I would even read your copy-paste stuff is hilarious. I care a rat’s arse about you and your blind hatred towards the epic. As I said before, we are thankful that retards like you did not see the ‘Taj Mahal on beach’ song. I’m sure your narrow-minded approach would have found its way into any blog post or forum that wrote something that even remotely referenced it!

    I’ll take pity on you and leave you in your own tiny little shell of a world where you can gloat around passing your hatred across the blogosphere. Coz you are neither sensible enough to understand something called creativity nor have the balls to take up cudgels against what you feel is wrong.

    I’m gonna say again: “Go and get a f’kin Life…” 😛

  72. Udayan Mukherjee / Oct 4 2008 4:05 am

    You are unable to put your argument in proper term because you are an idiot.How old are you? and what is your job.Just to go Disco bar and dance.I think your parents also did not taught you properly.The person like your culture only appreciate Ekta’s C-graded westernised Mahabharat.But that doesn’t matter.The percentage of the bogus, rotten and dull-headed person like you is too low.That is why maority of the public are against this bogus serial.FOR THAT REASON I AM THE WINNER OF THIS DEBATE.

  73. Udayan Mukherjee / Oct 4 2008 4:08 am


    16 July 2008
    Ekta Mahabharat — The real name should be >> “Kahani Sexy Bharat Ki” or “Kahani Greek Bharat Ki” All the costumes, armature design everything is vividly and elaborately described in Mahabharat (the sanskrit vresion) but these foolish people will use their tiny materialistic brains in explaing this great epic which is impossible and the result is big mess. Just look at the Counterpart NDTV RAMAYAN. Although it don’t have any big so called actors but it is success because it is taken from authetic sources and the director has not messed with the chaaracters and presented as it is. DANGEROUS for NEW , OLD or ANY GENERATION. IT will only PROVOKE SEX on modern society instead of WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE. The AIM is to only SELL SEX and earn money.

  74. Udayan Mukherjee / Oct 4 2008 4:10 am


    16 July 2008
    Highly disgusting and depressing. Few points that cannot go down the viewers are: 1. Women not having pallus on their head.. which was a mark of respect and chastity during that period. 2. Women having curly hair which are flowing in the wind (purposely the wind is arranged to make them flow) 3. Women’s costumes are like ramp models. This looks unchaste, dirty and without any dignity. 4. Men have no costumes at all. Everyon is shown bare chest and with tattoos. 5. All the characters are portrayed egoistic, esp Bhishma’s expressions when he fights with Shantanu’s army. In reality if you read actual Mahabharata, even Duryodhana was humbler than any of this ekta’s characters. 6. Vyasadeva (our greatest acarya) is depicted like a taantric or black magician , which is very insulting for entire nation.

  75. God of small herbs / Oct 15 2008 8:14 pm

    OMG OMG OMG!!!

    This Udayan fella is a riot.

    Did anyone notice that the language used in most of the comments copy-pasted by him (not that I read them all, just a mere glance at the comments gave it away) is similar to his own? I’m sure he types in all those comments with different names himself. What a major loser. 😛

    BTW…Akki…shaadi kab kar rahe ho?

  76. Udayan Mukherjee / Oct 17 2008 2:52 am

    Oh God, Tere Khopri me gobar bhara hua hai.I can tell you the website from where I took those comments. Pl open Google then type Ekta Kapur’s Mahabharat.You will find a huge portion of public have written against this westernise,modern C-grade Mahabharat of Ekta. Each and every sensable people who watched previous hindi mythological movie and read book will go against this Hollywood copy Mahabharat.She selected actors, actresses for pancha pandava and Draupadi as if they have come from Modern Disco Bar.They looks like regular member of Disco Bar and night Club i.e their pose-posture are like modern age.
    Now Pl note—One always expects a sort of super mundane aura to emanate from the mythological characters presented before them on the screen.UNDERSTAND? HOW OLD ARE YOU?

  77. Ennapudingala / Oct 19 2008 10:54 am

    @Udayan: Arey oh sambar, kitne idli khaya re tu.

  78. Udayan Mukherjee / Oct 20 2008 3:37 pm

    Tuto Gobar Khata Hai

  79. prityjaiswal / Oct 30 2008 9:58 am

    What happened to Udayan, not speaking for a long time???
    FYI to Udayan —
    A perfect place where for his theories for sure…

  80. Udayan Mukherjee / Nov 3 2008 1:08 pm

    The selection of actors for Panch Pandava is horrible.They are looking like college boys of modern age.Most funny thing is the figure of duryodhan is better than the figure of Bheem in her Mahabharat.This serial should be stopped.I am rquesting all the fans of Ekta Kapur, pl tell her to watch carefully B.R Chopra’s Mahabharat or the feature film Mahabharat of A.A Nadiatwala.Only then she will learn how to make a mythological movie.

  81. Udayan Mukherjee / Nov 21 2008 3:48 pm

    What is the TRP od Ekta’s Mahabharat at now?I think nobody watch this third grade serial.

  82. Bhupinder Pant / Dec 3 2008 5:33 am

    Respected Ekta ji,

    This is Bhupinder from delhi I am big fan of your respected father Jitendra Ji….and after that your too i see your lots of serials and this is my great desire that once i act in Ekta’s Serials….
    Ekta ji I am a model and actor i doing thater with natya kala academy…did many garwali films lots of print ad. and 9-10 TVC…and now i want to work your under i mean your seriels…hoz i contact to you and where i send my portfolio and resume and hoz i come there for audition….wating your kind reply…….
    thanks & regards
    Bhupinder Pant

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