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June 21, 2008 / lazybug

Rant of a Human Mind

The following is a result of the never ending frustration of not being able to understand what the f*** the world (including me, of course) is up to.

Dear Creator,

Hope you are having a good time. I write to you in a rather disturbed state. The cause of my concern is my lack of understanding of your reasoning behind my creation. I know most of your creations have similar queries and must be keeping you busy with letters like these.

Assuming that their queries would be more or less similar, I’ll come down to that one grouse which I feel is unique to me. You created me to drive the body in which I reside. I hold the basic code of day-to-day activities and the ability to create intelligence. I work non-stop on the job. I relax for a second and the body would collapse like a broken toy.

To be very frank with you, I hate my existence. All the time I keep absorbing all sorts of data around me. Instead of looking at it as I see it though, I keep asking all sorts of questions. What was said? What was heard? What was seen? What was not seen? What was supposed to be said? Why was it said? What should be done next? Darn, the whats, whys, why nots and their likes keep torturing me. Yet, I am only too happy to do as they like. Self-control is something you did not think was needed by me.

And to top it all, you’ve created so many of the same kind–at last count we were about six billion of us. And we keep adding the number. We divided the one world you gave us into several tiny proportions. Nearly 200 of them. Me and my replicas are busy devising ways to benefit our own groups. That benefit mostly revolves around one of our most important inventions: money. We want more and more of it. And if making more money involves taking it away from someone else, we do so gladly. Selfishness comes naturally to us. We try all the tricks that we can create. Treachery, deceit, sweet talk, lies, theft and what not. The end matters. Not the means. And when so many of us try to do the same thing, you can only imagine what kind of a chaos would ensue. The world is now a mess. Thanks to your…err…mindless creativity.

We’ve also created our own ways of worshiping you. And the ones following the popular ways make sure that they take every chance they get to prove their way to be the best. You might say it’s just too many of us that’s causing the trouble. Not true. Even in tasks involving a maximum of two of us, we are perfectly capable of screwing up. Making friends, making enemies, finding love…you ask and it we can screw it. That said, there are some of us who indulge in the good deeds too. Helping others out, understanding and problems, education…so on and so forth. Unfortunately, the rotten ones far outnumber the good ones. And for this, the blame lies squarely on you. You devised no way of controlling the quality. The bad ones ought to go. But they stay…and flourish.

I hope sense dawns on you sooner than later and you do something about this situation which has already gone way out of control.

Till then, I hope to stay as calm as I possibly can.

Sincerely yours,

Human Mind

Lyrics for the moment

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
‘relax,’ said the night man,
We are programmed to receive.
You can checkout any time you like,
But you can never leave! – Eagels, Hotel California



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  1. vinay / Jun 21 2008 1:15 pm


    What’s happening to you? I think you are going to end up becoming either a Sanyasi or a politician if you continue to operate in this manner.

    BTW r u serious about ur letter and expecting any reply?

  2. Sridevi / Jun 21 2008 5:04 pm

    Exceptional! Another good post from your stream! I really like the way you inscribe your thoughts!

  3. Liju Philip / Jun 22 2008 1:00 am

    kya hua tumhare ku? Arre yaaar, ek girlfriend ko pakado, then you will realise that your previous life was much better 😉

  4. lazybug / Jun 22 2008 4:50 pm

    Arre yaar…aise khayal aate rehte dimaag mein. Decidewd to put them down in words. that is all. GF ka dar batao nakko mereko…I am a free bird as of now. 🙂

  5. Manpreet / Jun 23 2008 3:14 am

    Hope we get a response alongwith you.
    Its a wonderful post.

  6. JB / Jun 23 2008 4:19 am


    Perhaps you should change your view. Consider that life may be a gift. In which case you should concentrate on that gift itself without getting preoccupied by trying to work out the motives of the gift giver?

  7. lazybug / Jun 23 2008 4:19 pm


    Thank mate. I understand what you are saying. Of late a lot of such thoughts have been making the rounds of my mind. So decided to blog. Feels much better…I hope it made good reading.

  8. Chittaranjan / Jun 23 2008 8:01 pm

    Oh…this was your letter? I thot it was spam and promptly sent it into the junk folder 😛

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