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June 16, 2008 / lazybug

Rock it at Rock Heights

Pentagram concert

It was a memorable weekend. Never ceases to surprise me how an unplanned weekend can turn out to be so good. There I was at my office, wondering what the hell to do with the day and a half of no work left. I wanted to go to the Pentagram and Parikrama concert desperately, but none of my usual metal-head companions were around. The spirits were down. But one man’s grief is another man’s inspiration. When I saw Santhosh in an even worse condition, my problem was solved. I dragged him out of the office and we bought the passes to the show. It was still four hours away, so we decided to do some time pass and headed over to Ashoka Metropolitan Mall after a salad at Subway (Corn and Peas Salad is back!).

The stay at the mall involved a 30-minute drooling session in the Apple iStore. I ogled at everything from the iPod shuffle to the Apple TV. Deprivation, thy name is Apple! After a coffee at Barista, we headed over to Rock Heights.

Once there, we waited patiently for the show to begin. We had to udergo a rather boring session by the forced-onto-us anchor, Mehar Bhasin. Things were looking up when Parikrama started their gig. A few initial hiccups occured and we were eager to see them get going. Alas, that never happened. The band has all sorts of problems with the sound systems. Too much bass, reduce the volume on the violin, stage speakers are too loud. And so it went on till the end. Except for a violin solo by Imran Khan and a song cover of LOTR, Parikrama were pale shadow of what I saw of them at the Iron Maiden concert last year.

Fortunately, their gig ended. We were just happy that it ended. No complaints!

And then came Pentagram. Vishal Dadlani and co. delivered a flawless performance. The guitar, the drums, the vocals…they were all mind blowing. The sounds were ringing in my head half-an-hour after the gig was over. I was looking around to their source only to realise they were emanating from the inside of my own head. Anyone could have mistaken me for being high on weed. But that’s the effect Pentagram had on me. Truly awesome.

The day next…

Sunday began on a lazy note. I got up at 10 and, without any food, headed over to Indira Park for the weekend photo shoot with the Hyderabad Photography Club. Some experience it was. The weather had been awesome throughout and it continued being that way.

Walk Away



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  1. Chittaranjan / Jun 16 2008 7:54 pm

    “Corn and Peas Salad is back”
    That made my day /

    Who told u in the first place where Rock Heights was! Anyways, good to know that ur weekend was productive. Concert ka ek hi photu??

    P.S: “what”, “emanating”, “throughout”,

  2. Chittaranjan / Jun 16 2008 7:54 pm

    add: “weekend” (tag)

  3. Manpreet / Jun 18 2008 8:01 am

    Both Pics are awesome. Beautiful.

  4. Sherry / Jun 19 2008 8:40 am

    byaaaq! budde logon ke concert me gaya kya re? 😛

    Was SAK still gplaying guitar for Parikrama? 😐 And how is Santosh?

  5. Vijju / Jun 20 2008 1:38 pm

    Hey lazy bug… nice photo yaar (the path)

  6. shaaakspsyco / Oct 28 2008 5:59 pm

    didn’t you’ll smoke up before the concert?

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