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March 29, 2008 / lazybug

Interview with Mr Daydreamer

Ladies and gentlemen! Today we have amongst us Mr Daydreamer, who’s going to tell us everything about, well, daydreaming!

Thank you for joining us for a chat, Mr Daydreamer. Tell us something about yourself. I see you have a very intense look on you face. What happened?

It happened again today. I was scooting home in the evening when that spark of an idea appeared. And before I could take a closer look, it was gone. It happens to me all the time…when I am at the PC, idling, eating, watching TV, listening to music or talking to friends.  That’s how I got my name. Actually though, it’d be appropriate to call me Mr Lost in Thoughts. But Daydreamer is more popular. So I am OK with it.

Tell us a bit about this whole daydreamng thing.

I keep thinking. All the time. It’s a parallel process that goes on along with the day’s routine. Being the intensive activity that it is, it takes up a whole lot of my mind’s processing power. As a result, I tend to look really tired towards the evenings, making people draw strange conclusions about what’s going through my mind. Can’t stop them, can I?

So what are the thoughts all about?

Well, anything and everything, but mostly nothing in particular. It’s a rigmarole, a self-managed chaos of thoughts going round and round in the mind with new ones getting added all the time. It’s important to note here that nothing, absolutely nothing, gets deleted. It merely changes appearence everytime it appears on the mind’s ‘current list’ of thoughts. The next appearence could happen any time. Not in my control you see. Like one of those comets that circles the earth once in a million years, the path of these thoughts is not known to me. But they go around in circles, that much I am sure of.

How many thoughts can a daydreamer handle?

The answer to that is, as yet, unknown. And when it is known, I am not sure I’ll be able to tell you…’coz in all likelyhood, I’ll be dead.

What makes some thoughts special?

It’ll take a bit of hardwork on your part to understand that. There are hundreds of millions of them. And all are trying to get on top, or at least amongst the top 5-10 rankings. For this, they do a lot of hardwork when not on the list. Always trying to look attactive so as to get noticed easily. Get it? No? OK, here’s an example, albeit a very crude one at that: I am on my way to work. A dude riding a spanking new Bullet Machismo zooms by. That’s when the thought named ‘one day I’ll ride one of those’ appears. It really makes you want to own one…as soon as possible. You feel deprived and curse yourself of entertaining that thought. The next time that thought appears, it gets appropriately shunned. So what does it do? It bides it’s time. As is bound to happen if you are employed, there comes a time in the year when you get an appraisal in the salary. This is the perfect time for ‘one day I’ll ride one of those’ to strike. The more right strikes it makes, the more likelyhood that it’ll get converted into an action–the ultimate aim of every thought.

So that’s it? The materialistic thoughts get the top ranking?

It’s a lot more complicated than that. As I said, there are millions of them and new ones keep getting added all the time. Trust me. Be a daydreamer and you’ll know.

Like? Tell us a bit more.

I think about a whole of things going around in the world. Religion. War. Sports. Love. Music. Job. The Boss. It’s a vicious circle, I tell you. To say that I create the thoughts through my day to day unconcious observations. And they come back with a vengence to keep me occupied. But whom can I blame except myself?

Does that make you feel stupid at times?

Actually, I feel stupid most of the times. Because, the thoughts I am lost in are way off the real situation I am in. Hence, people around me ask questions like, “where are you lost, dude?” And I don’t have an answer for them.

Tell us more about that thought you had today. What made it so special?

Well, the thought appeared in the form of an Idea. An idea, especially a good one, appears once a long time. So I lunged at it. Tried to grab at it.  And just like soft sand, it disappeared. All I could get hold of was thin air. sigh…

And, you say, it happens all the time? Boy, that must be hurting your confidence badly.

It sure does. Only I know how it hurts when I let one of those ground breaking, earth shattering thought disappears just like that. Only solace being in the fact that it’ll come back again, albeit in a different garb.

What do you do to improve your ability of grabbing the ‘big’ thought?

I keep dreaming, err, thinking.

OK. You seem to be getting lost here. One last question, where and when did the thought of talking to us appear?

I don’t know…err…don’t remember. Sorry.

Could it be that thought you said you missed today evening?!

You could be right! But I really don’t know.

Thank you for answering the questions, Mr Daydreamer! Hey…are you listening? Hello?

Err…what? Sorry. Didn’t get you. Could you repeat that question?

Nothing. It’s OK. Carry on. Bye! Happy dreaming!



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  1. Chittaranjan / Mar 29 2008 7:52 pm

    Reminds me of Sidin and Pastrami’s conversations 😆

  2. santhosh / Mar 30 2008 7:56 am

    You seem to work very hard as a daydreamer. Welcome to the party!

    By the way what are you thinking now? 😆

  3. lazybug / Apr 5 2008 7:03 pm


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