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March 2, 2008 / lazybug

The Double Whammy!

First the seniors at Sydney and next the juniors at Kuala Lumpur. This indeed was a Super Sunday!

Tendulkar gets a ton

The way the aussies played at Sydney, it looked like a reminder of their performance at Perth after all the drama at Sydney. They were lost. Except for the batting of Hayden, they had nothing to show. At all. The fact that they could only get four Indians out is a clear indication of their state of mind. They expected the Indians to make mistakes, which did not happen. Of course, India did try it’s best to give them wickets. Yuvraj Singh and Gambhir’s wickets being the cases in point. But one man decided to make the SCG all his own. Sachin Tendulkar. All hail! The way he and Rohit Sharma cleared the tension in the air after the two quick dismissals, was simply superb. They first stabalised the innings with singles and then, when the time was apt, attacked. Before the aussies knew what hit them, India had already crossed the 200 run mark.

The less said about their batting, the better. India were too good in the field today, the fielding being a let down at times. However, IMO, Ricky Ponting made a big error by not picking Stuart Clark. On this track, he is a much better bowler than James Hopes. And against India, he holds a slight psychological advantage. There’s no doubt that the Indians are wary of him. He’s troubled them so much in the past with his nagging length and the odd bouncer.

Wonder what’s in store for India at Brisbane. Rest assured though, that it’ll be another cracker of a match.

Notable moment of the match: The celebration by Bhajji and Yuvraj after Hayden’s dismissal, mimicking the boxing ring comment of his. Very well timed!

The juniors turn it on

Well, what to say about South Africa and the Duckworth / Lewis system? It’s got them screwed in two world cups in the past and now, after they had made it to the finals, it screwed them again! But the fact is, they have themselves to blame. Needing just 160 to win, they stared out as if they needed 60 to win. 6 runs in the first 6 overs! By the time the rain came down, they were 17 for three in the tenth over. As a result of the poor start, the required score of 116 in 25 overs was made much more difficult than it actually should have been. They now needed to score at more than six an over. The Indians had them on the mat and never allowed them to get back on their feet.

When was the last time we had it so good? I can’t remember!

Way to go, India!



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  1. Aravind / Mar 3 2008 1:27 am

    Not yet celebration time. Have to wait for Tuesday night.. But Sachin said: “Another two matches..”. So I think we have to wait till Friday.

  2. Liju Philip / Mar 3 2008 8:38 am

    Hope India can wrap it up in the next match itself.

  3. vinay / Mar 3 2008 3:27 pm

    Really a Great Sunday. I was really looking forward to one such innings from Sachin just to see how and where anti-Tendulkars like Manjrekar hide their faces.

    It was a masterful, classy, calculated, telling and purposeful innings from Sachin.

    Wish I were there at the Stadium!

    Indians should finish off things tomorrow.
    Win the toss, bat first post 300+ and win by 50 runs.

    Easy no!

  4. lazybug / Mar 3 2008 4:59 pm


    I had a feeling this was waiting to happen, especially after he got out to Malinga for a duck. The genius lay in timing the innings.

    Tomorrow will be the end of the tour, I hope!

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