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February 27, 2008 / lazybug

Haydos High on Weed

BBC reports: Matthew Hayden has been charged with a breach of Cricket Australia’s code of conduct after describing Harbhajan Singh as an “obnoxious little weed”.

Haydon high on weedThis was expected. CA has already drawn a lot of flack for the way this tour has shaped up. I wonder what punishment would be in store. IMO though, Haydos needs to be sent a rehabilitation centre to help him get rid of his liking for weed. Really, how ridiculous could one get with commenting about the opposition players? Calling Harbhajan an obnoxious little weed could be ignored. But the following statement about Harbhajan proves that Haydos must have himself been high on weed when he gave the interview to a Brisbane Radio station:

“His record speaks for itself in cricket. There is a certain line that you can kind of go to and then you know where you push it and he just pushes it all the time.”

This about a bowler whose maximum wickets (64/256) have come against the Australians. How dumb can you get? Effect of weed I guess.

As if this wasn’t enough, he goes on to give further proof. This time talking about Ishant Sharma, who, again, just by chance, happens to be the best bowler against the Aussies in this series.

“He is just young. I have said to him many times, ‘You are 19, take it easy’,” added Hayden. “He is 19, why doesn’t he just worry about his bowling for a while? I like the idea of actually getting into the ring (with him). I like that, bring it on.”

Not to mention that this comes from a player who is (read was) one of the most respected Australian cricketers in India. We make fun of Sreesanth’s antics, but this one’s at a different level all together. Unprovoked and downright stupid. Get a life, old man.



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  1. Chittaranjan / Feb 27 2008 1:13 pm

    I think the “record” Hayden was talking about was Bhajji’s disciplinary one. I vaguely rmr Bhajji’s f-o send-off to Ponting at Sharjah when he was a newcomer and he also ran into trouble at the NCA academy.

    But hey, it has been an Aussie tradition to intimidate the opponents ‘best players’. McGrath used to do it to Atherton and Lara and now they’re trying to ruffle the ones they feel as a threat. So I guess it should be taken as a compliment (how backhanded it may seem!)

  2. lazybug / Feb 27 2008 1:22 pm

    OK. So the Aussies actually keep a track record of all that? How educated!

  3. Liju Philip / Feb 27 2008 1:53 pm

    As for Hayden’s fantasy of having a boxing match with Ishant. Cant blame him. Probably that’s how they solve issues in his family. Says a lot about his lineage though.

  4. Chittaranjan / Feb 27 2008 5:40 pm

    Even under Rod Marsh’s coach-ship and Steve Waugh’s leadership, the Aussies were a very research-y lot! And with a thinking coach like Buchanan, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was carried ahead to an altogether different (low?) level.

    And I can imagine the boxing match…..David Vs. Goliath, eh?

  5. Vineet / Feb 27 2008 5:57 pm

    Sure I dunno if I remember if I ever hated any opponent against whom i played. Yes, I wanted to knock the bails off the batsmen every time i bowled, and if i was hit for a four i hated by bowl not the batsman. The only person who would foul mouth an opponent is one who’s not able to put it across in actions on the field. Well, is it time for someone to retire?

    Well what did Symonds actually say to Sharma to get him to point his finger towards the Pavilion? Well check this out:

  6. lazybug / Feb 27 2008 6:07 pm

    @Ycee: Goliath happens to be 37 years old. David, 19, can give him some real pain, I feel.

    @Vineet: I had read that post of yours, Vineet. Well written.

  7. Chittaranjan / Feb 28 2008 1:50 pm

    Errr…..In the real story, David was the one who emerged victorious. Get my drift?

  8. vinay / Feb 28 2008 5:13 pm

    Australians really seems to have really gone mad at what India has done to them during the past few months. All these provocations are the result of them being outplayed by the Indians during Tests and a bit in one-days as well.

    Though they had won the test series 2-1, any sane person who watched the series would tell that Indians played better cricket.

    Most of their calculations and predictions about the entire series have gone wrong and there is every chance that India might win the CB series.

    Hence in the guise of tough cricket, they are resorting to such psychological attack which is sure to create a lot of foes for the Australian cricketers and CA too.

  9. Scott / Feb 29 2008 4:16 am

    Guys, this is nothing more than a media beat up.
    get over it and move on. Listen to the interview and for goodness sake inform yourself before you start hammering the guy. even the boxing ring was no more than a bit of wry humour.
    sigh… people these days eh?

  10. lazybug / Feb 29 2008 5:41 am

    To say such things, even in jest, about a touring team’s members on live radio is just not done. The media will hype it, but I here am only expressing my opinion.

    @Ycee: That’s exactly what I was suggesting!

  11. Chittaranjan / Feb 29 2008 4:51 pm

    Looks like Goliath’s taken aback at all the flak he’s gotten! But he still adamant that he was right!

  12. scott / Mar 1 2008 7:57 am

    but lazybug, I’m sorry mate, but have you actually listened to what he said and exactly how it was said…
    Look I appreciate, this is one of your countrymen and it probably feels like he is attacking all of you – I have said elsewhere that I reckon he has stepped over the mark – but isn’t this really a nothing thing???
    I got really annoyed about the monkey thing with symonds but for goodness sake – some of you guys here are being really unbalanced… Cricket attracts extremists just as anywhere else I guess…
    have a great weekend and guys, try to be even handed – most aussies are. Anyway – (bit of humour here if I may) isn’t the real enemy of the world America!!!!

  13. lazybug / Mar 1 2008 9:26 am


    Have a good weekend, Scott. Hope no silly incident happens tomorrow and may the match be a great contest!

  14. Rohini / Mar 7 2008 11:09 am

    It’s well known that the Aussies are the most racist people in the world and Asians face the most racism. To them, sledging is just a ’sporting tradition’ but hey, that’s not on for the Indian team. Big money rewards are good but again, that’s not on for the Indian team. Swearing and cursing at the bowler who gets your wicket is OK for the Aussies but that’s not on for the Indian team to even turn around. Recall the numerous times Azharuddin has been fined for turning around. How is that showing contempt or disrespect compared to the foul-mouthed abuse pouring from Australian players when they are dismissed?

    It’s my view that the Aussies are jealous that even after being the so called best team in the world for so long (obviously their manners have nothing to do with it)they aren’t getting the monetary rewards and adulation the often mediocre performing Indians get back home. This must infuriate them. ‘They’re treated like rock stars and princes’ – Symonds). The allegations of racial abuse coming from Australians was shrewdly planned to disturb the Indians’ equilibrium, gain mileage for Symonds’ pet peeve and vent their jealousy all in one. (It backfired terribly though). It seems that Andrew Symonds is a bit over sensitive regarding his Aboriginal roots, something that Harbhajan wasn’t even likely to be aware of before Monkeygate. Very likely this is Symonds’ way of showing the Australian media that he won’t tolerate racism. Again, protection from openly racist comments is not on for the Indians. Witness the derogatory remarks made about Indian climate,food and culture in his notorious column.

    Every Australian knows that racism is a big issue in their country. Even Casey Affleck has just reported that it’s amazing to see how rampant it is even now against indigenous populations that the white immigrants (British convicts)pushed onto the fringes of society, much like the native Americans in the US. Was it a coincidence that Kevin Rudd (Australian PM) made a public apology to the Aborigines during this whole ugly controversy between the 2 teams? If the Australians are so fond of playing ‘hard and fair’ why does being called a monkey precipitate a diplomatic crisis?

  15. Scott / Mar 19 2008 8:16 am

    Rohini – insults flung back and forwards notwithstanding, mate.
    That was a very nasty and unfair attack on my country.
    Australia has made massive steps to overcome racism in our country.
    I have been very courteous in all of my posts and frankly, I had hoped that I might have received the same courtesy back – I certainly did from Lazybug.
    Australia is far from the most racist country on earth. It is a big issue as we struggle to resolve the majority of Australian’s british ancestry and the outcomes of British Imperialism which India too suffered under for much of the 1800’s.
    The British Imperialist approach was to either subjugate the native population (as they attempted in India) or murder them (as they did in Australia).
    The FACT is that the Australia of today is built on banter and what we call “rubbishing” one another. Yes it steps over the border of good taste and manners from time to time – and yeah our guys are often culprits – but be fair, I don’t think all Indians are represented by one of your people saying something rude and I don’t expect to have my whole country slurred by your perceptions of Haydos or Symonds.
    The former Prime Minister was very much in love with his British roots and his good friend Bush (both the objects of contempt in much of Australia for their imperialist ideals).
    The current PM got in in part on a promise made some time ago (and even previous to that by other Labor people) that he would issue a formal apology to the original Australians for some truly evil policies in the past. The Australia of today is significantly different and more tolerant despite the vocal minority that every country has (even India).
    Rednecks are hilarious and not worthy of our notice so they have to take extreme stances to get noticed – hence they say things out of their ignorance and prejudices. Racism is ignorance and prejudice at its worse, but patriotism can result in similar rubbish being said…..
    Worth a thought Rohini…. I have been moderate in everything I have said and not slagged off your country. Be fair…. Please….


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