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January 6, 2008 / lazybug

Integrity and all that

After India lost the match, I decided not to post anything about it, and went through all the blog posts on WordPress that talked about it. I list my comments on those blogs below. They more or less cover my thoughts on the issue.

India stuck it out and almost pulled off a draw. The only thing that was in our way were the wrong umpiring decisions. Agreed Jaffer is out of form and Yuvraj should not have played in the first place, but to say that the players have themselves to blame is no less absurd.

You don’t get 6 decisions against you in one game too often. To blame the players in such a scenario is plain stupid.


The irony is, even after all this, it’s the umpires who are under the scanner not the aussies! They’ve got away alright.


I am surprised that some people still say India did not play well. We did all that we could considering the kind of team we had. 3 batsmen badly out of form and we almost drew the game. Kumble has outshone Ponting in leadership and sportsmanship. Ponting only wanted to get the record-equalling win. And he did it in the original aussie style. As always, he’s gotten away. It’s the umpires who face the music now. Not the aussies.


The only thing being covered up here is the playing ethics of the Australians, Ponting in particular. He doesn’t walk when he has nicked it, appeals for a catch when the ball was grounded and yet has the balls to say “You can’t question my integrity”!

As for India, Kumble needs to take some tough decisions before the next game.


The only Aussie who now holds credibility as a cricketer is Brett Lee. Rest all were just busy covering up for the players out there. Particularly shocking was Ian Chappell’s stand. He found no fault in what the Australians did. In stead, he was busy blaming the Umpires. He is known to speak his mind on cricketing issues, but today he looked a shadow of his original self on TV.

For the cricket fans, the best thing to do in such situations is staying away from the television sets.



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  1. JB / Jan 6 2008 11:57 pm

    The Indians got some bad decisions, but that happens, Ponting himself was dismissed LBW when he hit the ball.

    About a decade ago, Australia lost to the WI by 1 run, when the ball hit Craig McDermott’s helmet. Such is life I am afraid.

    I don’t see any creditability issues for the Aussies. They accepted the umpires decision in all cases. Not to do so is decent.

    P.S The replays do not indicate that “That Ball” was grounded.

  2. lazybug / Jan 7 2008 5:22 am


    Seven bad decisions in a game that turn the match against you does not happen all the time.

    Which replay are you talking about? I am referring to the one during which Ponting was at short leg. There’s no room for doubt over there.

  3. arvind / Jan 7 2008 6:25 am

    @ jb
    i think you need glasses if you say the ball was not grounded..
    i agree that australia won and we have to move on..
    but the match was indeed a disgrace to the spirit of the game..

  4. JB / Jan 7 2008 6:44 am


    Yes, room for doubt on that one. I thoguht you guys got a really raw deal. Whether it affected the game materially or not, I am not sure. I think the draw would have been the fair result.

    I was talking about the Clarke slip catch. I didn’t see a problem with that one. Arvind disagrees, but thats fine.

  5. lazybug / Jan 7 2008 7:07 am


    The verdict is out on Clarke’s catch as well. Was he in control of the ball when he took it’s support to get up and in doing so grounded it?

    Indians too would have been happy with a draw, in spite of the fact that we would have won it if not for the wrong decisions.

    And in spite of all this, Ponting says his credibility cannot be questioned? Loser!

  6. arvind / Jan 7 2008 7:59 am

    @ jb
    yes ,i too am talking about that catch..replays clearly show he grounded it after getting it clean ..there is a minimum time that the player should keep the catch neat,…but he had grounded it before he could recover from the imbalance and thats not a clean catch as per the rules..even the post match analysis showed all those things..

  7. JB / Jan 7 2008 8:00 am

    I don’t have a problem with that catch. The reaction from Clarke and the slips was enough for me. TV isn’t conclusive so if it went to the replay maybe it wouldn’t have been given on the basis of benefit of the doubt. But you can’t say that it was the wrong decision.

    On Ponting, I really don’t know what your problem is. Apart from being annoyed when given LBW (when he hit it), he was very lucky early on, so perhaps you have a case there.

    Otherwise, he did exactly what he was told by the ICC, so I don’t see how his credibility is in question.

  8. arvind / Jan 7 2008 8:01 am

    @ lazybug
    though i dont blame the loss to the bad umpiring completly but pontings atttude after the match was really bad..clear arrogance,fame has gone to his head ..

  9. JB / Jan 7 2008 8:02 am


    I haven’t seen that analysis. If you are right and Clarke claimed a catch that was grounded, then you have every right to be upset. And Clarkes creditablity is gone.

    From what I have seen it was clean, so I don’t have a problem.

  10. lazybug / Jan 7 2008 8:36 am


    On one hand you say that had the catch been referred to the third umpire it would have been given out. On the other, you say that you are sure it was taken cleanly. You’re contradicting yourself.

    Ponting’s credibility is not in question with regards to Clarke’s catch, it is with respect to him not accepting the fact, as was clear from the replays, that he had grounded the ball off Dhoni at short leg.

  11. JB / Jan 7 2008 8:43 am


    I know I contradicted myself. I am saying that I would have accepted the umpires decision. If it was referred to the 3rd umpire it may not have been given out, but it wasn’t so he was.

    I didn’t think Ponting realised he grounded the catch. But besides that, he is entitled to appeal for it. The right decision was made by the umpire. Like any normal day of cricket?

  12. arvind / Jan 7 2008 8:48 am

    @ jb
    clarke lost his integrity ,spirit and dignity when he stood the ground when he was clearly out…that was a big knick…a real big one..he must be tough balls to stand ground on that one..fortunately umpire was dumb enough..

  13. lazybug / Jan 7 2008 8:50 am


    I know the right decision was made.

    Assuming that Ponting didn’t know that he had grounded the ball, highly improbable IMO, will he take back his statement if he sees the replay?

    The fact that he continues to deny he grounded the ball adds to the existing row.

  14. JB / Jan 7 2008 8:52 am

    Arvind – the right decision was made.

    Lazybuy – has Ponting said he didn’t ground the ball? I haven’t heard that and it hasn’t been in the paper here. Are you able to send me the quote?

  15. lazybug / Jan 7 2008 8:55 am


    He was questioned about it in a press conference and that’s when he said that his integrity cannot be questioned.

  16. JB / Jan 7 2008 8:57 am

    Well, maybe he thought he had caught it and hadn’t seen the replay yet?


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