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December 24, 2007 / lazybug

Tackling Racist Indian Cricket Fans

In an apparent effort to keep a check on racist Indian fans, Cricket Australia (CA), is taking the help of Indian cricketers. The Indian players will provide CA with a list of ‘racist slurs’.

“We wanted to know what terms or expressions in their language would be considered offensive or racist

That’s Bryan Young, CA’s ‘anti-racism’ officer. Mr Young, I have a couple of doubts:

1) India has more than 20 official languages and the spectators could speak any one of them. I am also sure that Indian cricketers do not speak all of them. Then how, in this holy world, are the aussie undercover police going to catch hold and discard the racist spectators?

2) Could you please differentiate between racist and offensive language? I mean, one could be offensive but not racist. And since you are supposed to be an ‘anti-racism’ officer, what are you doing making notes of ‘offensive’ words?

Anyway, without venturing much into the hilarity of the situation, here are my set of racist words / phrases that could be used by racist Indians in the crowd. And for clarity’s sake, I will only mention the Hindi ones:

Saala aussie (Bloody aussie)

Bandar! (Monkey)

Safed Jhandi (white flag / man)

Hmmm any other? I can’t think of any more. Of course, there’s a load of words that are not necessarily racist but insulting. And I think Mr Bhajji, Mr Sehwag and Mr Yuvi would be able to fill you up on that. As an added bonus, you keep the same list when Pakistan plays in Australia, ‘coz the language is the same!

Here’s wishing you all the best with your anti-racist and anti-offensive language endeavour.


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  1. vinay / Dec 25 2007 4:47 pm

    It is like the pot calling the kettle black. The Aussies themselves are the culprits and the CA should ensure that Indian players are protected against any racial abuse.

  2. JB / Dec 28 2007 10:13 am

    I do love reading your blogs Lazybug.

    The reason for this stupidity is that the last nation to accuse the Australian people of racism (which is one of the worst accusations you can ever make by the way – and so far I haven’t seen one decent scrap of evidence to say that Australia is worse than India or for that matter than the issues in Australia are beyond a very small minority) was South Africa. The accusation was that the were being abused in their own language.

    So, is this such a silly idea or not? I think you are familiar with an IT analogy “Garbage in, garbage out”.

  3. JB / Dec 28 2007 10:14 am


    I think you must have been either hit with a kettle or smoking some pot to come out with that dribble.

  4. lazybug / Dec 28 2007 11:40 am

    Thank you, JB.

    My point was that it’s not feasible / possible to keep a track of people who speak so many languages.

    As for racism itself, Indian fans have never been accused of being racist, either towards the black or whites of the world (but that does not mean there aren’t racist Indian fans).

    Andrew Symonds’ case was the first ever and I believe it was more of a misunderstanding than anything else.

    IMO, the South Africans are very touchy about this thing. More than any other nation in the world.

  5. JB / Dec 28 2007 12:38 pm


    On the whole Andrew Symonds issue, it appeared to me (from visiting blogs and reading the papers and so forth) that the abuse was in some way retaliation against the Australian fans in some way or another. It appeared (from here anyway) that this was very much a display of “see how you like it” from a sector of the Indian supporters. The Australian reaction was a bit like “WTF”?

    I may have this wrong in this of course, and as you say it may just be a mis-understanding. What are your thoughts?

    Tommorow is a very important day for the rest of the series. India need to bat well so that they go into the next test in a positve frame of mind. From my point of view I am surprised that the Australian side is still perfroming so well without Warne, McGrath, Langer, Martin and Magill. But if India put up a good fight, we will see how good the new Australian team really is.

  6. lazybug / Dec 28 2007 12:59 pm


    My reaction to the racism row was similar. In my post about the whole issue I had pointed out that the ‘original’ monkey chants (at Baroda, a small city in Gujarat) could well have been provoked by the hairstyle of Symonds. I am not sure that the people of Baroda would be so aware of what happens back in Australia. Also, Indian players have never complained of racial abuse in Australia. All in all, this racism thingy is a whole new addition to the average Indian cricket fan’s dictionary.


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