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December 17, 2007 / lazybug

Advani Chacha Goes Senile

ToI quotes LK Advani as saying “India Shining slogan was a mistake. The better slogan would have been India Rising”

LKA - Scratching Baldy

Images Courtesy: Outlook

Yeah right. That’s like a tandoori chicken saying, “I was wrong in being born as a chicken, should have been a goat instead”, either way the fate would not be too different. People get senile with age. And Mr Advani, now 80, seems to be going the same way. Would it have made any difference if India were shining or rising? Advani chacha seems to be thinking that one word could have won them the elections (or, well at least, they’d not have lost so badly). For every one Indian who thought India was shining, there were thousands of those who thought otherwise. And they are the ones who screwed the BJP-led NDA. To say that he will be our PM if BJP wins a majority in the next general elections. Sigh.


Hundreds of activists of the CPI(ML) party disrupted the lives of people wanting to travel on the Howrah-Dinapur express to Kolkata. The activists boarded the train and occupied the seats that had already been reserved.

“We had already alerted the public through newspapers, that our rally was going to take place in Kolkata, and they should make alternate arrangements to get to Kolkata.”

How considerate.


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  1. Ratan / Dec 18 2007 10:23 am

    Yes, I’m also surprised by the remarks of the prime ministerial candidate.

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