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November 19, 2007 / lazybug

He’s out! Or is he?

In Cricket, the two most famous runners between the wickets of recent time have been Sourav Ganguly of India and Inzamam Ul Haq of Pakistan. Both former captains are horrible good when it comes to running out their partners or themselves. Inzy claimed more than 38 victims for his opponents. And Ganguly has been involved in many a funny run outs like this one. Imagine what fun they could have been to watch if they played for the same team. The fans, the coach and the team members would have dreaded it and the betting houses would have gone berserk about who’ll get whom run out.

Why am I talking about all this?


Because in Karnataka, the JD(S), lead by the legendary sleeper-in-chief HD Deve Gowda, and the ever-whining BJP have drawn a political parallel to the hypothetical scenario I mentioned above.

The week-old BJP government in Karnataka headed by B S Yeddyurappa is set to fall as its ally JD(S) has decided to vote against it during the crucial trust vote on Monday in the state Assembly.
JD(S) spokesperson Y S V Dutta said, after the legislature party meeting, that a decision to vote against the Yeddyurappa government has been taken by the party as “the BJP did not agree to our conditions to form the government. BJP cannot take us for granted”.

A few years earlier, the two had entered into an agreement according to which they were to share power for 2.5 years each. JD(S) was the first to get a shot at it. And after its time was over, it promptly ditched the BJP!

A few days later, President’s rule was imposed which effectively gave the Congress(I) full control over the state. This was undesirable! So, on November 8 the BJP and JD(S) patched up like old chums and Yediyurappa was made the CM. All’s over one might have have thought, but look what’s happened! Sleeper-in-chief is now away in Delhi negotiating a tie up with the Congress whom he had ditched in a similar fashion few years back.

Now isn’t this reminiscent of a classic run out scenario involving Inzy or Ganguly? First a yes, then a no…then a yes then a no…and finally one of them has to make the disgruntled walk back to the pavilion. This time it looks like the BJP is gonna be run out. Or may be not. Who knows?

Cartoon sourced from here. 


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  1. Ottayan / Nov 20 2007 1:05 am

    The coming elections will be a good primer to what the Kannadiga’s think about this.

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