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November 13, 2007 / lazybug

Does Mushy Give a Damn?

The 53-member Commonwealth has given General Musharraf 10 days to lift Emergency rule, doff his army uniform and release political prisoners or face suspension for the second time in less than a decade.

He couldn’t care less. In fact, I am sure he’d be laughing his ass off at the threat.

After all, Pakistan was suspended from the Commonwealth for 5 years following, the 1999 coup, till 2004 when Mushy promised to ‘respect’ democratic norms. Less than three years down the line he showed just what he meant by that. Even if the emergency is lifted, Mushy has effectively removed all the obstacles to his long term stay at the President’s post. Therefore, the democracy in Pakistan is not fractured, but totally bed-ridden and disabled. A farcical election is now in the offing.

Meanwhile: Is this the first sign of an anarchy in the making?

In the southern city of Karachi, gunmen opened fire on two police stations as Bhutto supporters protested against her house arrest, but no one was hurt.

“About 35 to 40 armed men fired while the PPP workers were holding a protest rally,” said senior police official Fayyaz Khan.

The attacks occurred in the PPP-dominated Lyari neighbourhood but it has not been confirmed if the gunmen were party supporters, he said.



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  1. Liju Philip / Nov 14 2007 3:26 am

    The commonwealth is another talking shop like ASEAN, SAARC etc. Just another barking dog that doesnt bite. The last time too Mushy showed the whole world the middle finger.

    Why do i have a feeling that sooner or later we would see the end of Mushy in an accident just like Zia ul Haq was bumped off by the CIA.

    Anyway, US, the extremists and the common man in Pak are pissed off with him big time.

  2. vinay / Nov 14 2007 12:39 pm

    Light lelo. He is not going bow. He will further tighten the screws. Wish the terrorists blow him before the completion of Indo Pak cricket series.

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