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November 6, 2007 / lazybug

Why not, Mr Karat?

Mr Karat may share communist sympathies with China’s rulers, but surely he can recognise that “socialism with Chinese characteristics”, when it comes to dealings with the external world, is simply another form of Chinese nationalism. Is it that Mr Karat cannot see what should be obvious, or is it that he refuses to do so? In any case, India in Mr Karat’s view is the side-show, the main contest is between China and the US. So why does he not advocate China breaking off diplomatic ties with the US before India does it?

That question is from this article published on Business Standard‘s website. But don’t expect any answers from Mr Carrot…err Karat, you won’t get any. Even if Mr Karat, hypothetically speaking, asked the Chinese govt. to cut ties with US, he’d get an ass whooping. Chinese style. And why go to China? He’d get the same treatment if he were to ask his comrades in West Bengal to get rid of all the American companies that have set shop at Kolkata’s IT parks.

The article raises a few more troublesome questions too:

And what would India do, after breaking off diplomatic ties with the US? Take back the 80,000 Indian students studying in the US and imbibing bad capitalist ideas, or send them to Beijing University instead, in the same way that Indian students would go in the old days to Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow? What about the US being India’s principal trading partner, as well as a vital source of technology?

In spite of all this hypocrisy though, the commies will continue to arm twist the government into doing what they think is right. At least for the next year and half. All this, of course, is in the name of India’s good.

Link to article vis India Uncut



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  1. Arul / Nov 6 2007 11:10 pm

    Where do all these idiots come from? If they hate the US and capitalism so much, why not just move to their version of paradise, China, or the USSR, oops, former USSR. These morons barely do anything for India’s good. And they try to screw whatever inflow we get from other developed nations.

  2. Liju Philip / Nov 7 2007 12:40 pm

    Karat has got China’s carrot in his backside and he loves the feeling.

    Hence the mutual admiration society.

  3. lazybug / Nov 8 2007 7:25 am

    “Karat has got China’s carrot in his backside and he loves the feeling.”

    hehe, good one that liju.

  4. Anjan Malapaka / Apr 24 2009 9:22 pm

    Mr .Karat,
    How can Mr.Karat side with LTTE who mastered the assassination of Indias PM. How can we fight with Pakistan regarding Kashmir and then tell Srilanka to spare LTTE.

    I also agree with the first comment that people like Mr.Karat will
    do anything to please their masters in China or Russia. I think all these guys are being paid by their masters. Their bank accounts need to be checked Swiss accounts.I want to see them as a real communist with no personal riches palatial house, cars, jewelry for their wives. Let then travel by a bus travel in third class eat pau bhaji and then talk.

    What did the west Bengal Goverment do to the common people.

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