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October 23, 2007 / lazybug

Sethusamudram – VHP is Going to War!

”We want to save the Ram Setu. We have waged a religious war. For that we need workers. From the October 12 to the 26th we will be inducting workers. We have recruited a lot of people during the Ram Lila and Durga Puja programmes,” said Venkatesh Abdeo, All India Joint Secretary, VHP.

What this essentially means is that we will be seeing more heart-wrenching stuff from the VHP sleuths in the next one year. That again translates into loads of entertainment for the political drama enthusiasts. So what if states lose crores of rupees due to the bandhs, rasta rokos and what not? The common man has long been forgotten. This is now a full-blown effort by the BJP and co. to get back to power; if not at the centre at least in the states. No other issue, however grave or politcally juicy it is, matters. Crores of rupees meant for the Tsunami victims have been siphoned away by government officials. But that is too small an issue.

A passing thought occurs: Ram’s vanar sena (monkey army) built the bridge and VHP’s monkey army is now going to ‘protect’ it. Andrew Symonds has been subjected to monkey chants by the Indian spectators. Delhi’s deputy mayor was killed while fighting monkeys two days back. This truly is turning out to be the year of the monkey for India!



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  1. Chittaranjan / Oct 23 2007 8:12 am

    Hey, the mayor wasn’t ‘killed by monkeys’!! He just happened to die ‘chasing them’

    And three incidents don’t make it a ‘Monkey year’ 👿 Get the monkey off your back!

  2. lazybug / Oct 23 2007 8:23 am

    “SS Bajwa suffered serious head injuries when he fell from the first-floor terrace of his home on Saturday morning trying to fight off the monkeys.”

    That’s from the BBC article I linked.

  3. Chittaranjan / Oct 23 2007 8:26 am

    Hau re….the cause was monkeys alrite…but they didn’t ‘Kill’ him! ‘Killed by Monkeys’ sounds like they ganged up and attacked him and killed him 😐

  4. lazybug / Oct 23 2007 8:30 am

    Fine, I’ll edit the post. But why take away the credit from Monkeys? My statement still remains!

  5. Chittaranjan / Oct 23 2007 9:30 am

    ‘Credit’??? What wrong did they do to deserve such brickbats?? The Mayor should’ve watched his step!

  6. lazybug / Oct 23 2007 9:32 am

    You are talking as if you were on the spot when the incident happened. How do you know that they were not involved in him falling to his death?

  7. Liju Philip / Oct 23 2007 10:02 am

    Yaar, someone is tarnishing the image of the monkeys. Careful, someone might file a PIL against you in the Supreme court.

  8. vinay / Oct 23 2007 12:58 pm

    VHP and every Hindu has a right to save Ramsethu. There is no word written when a Muslim leader asks for Taslima Nasreen’s head in public. But if VHP does something to promote Hinduism or infact protect Hinduism, it is said to be behaving as a Militant Outfit.

    People see stones floating on the water near Rameshwaram. Though scientists say that it is due to gravity of earth and other rocket science, I believe we must not forget our great ancient history which offers us many valuable inputs. You cannot question the existence of Ram if you are denied of billions of dollars.

    The whole episode is a political gimmick of DMK supremo Karunanidhi to gain billions of dollars out of this project, while BJP is trying to attach politics to this issue and come to power.

  9. Chittaranjan / Oct 23 2007 2:47 pm

    “How do you know that they were not involved in him falling to his death?”

    Coz they’re monkeys…and would not have known ji-jitsu or tae-kwon-do so as to use the Mayor’s weight against him and topple him headlong onto the ground floor!

    Moreover, Monkeys when chased, will run away & hiss/glare/screech at the chaser from far…not attack!

  10. lazybug / Oct 23 2007 3:31 pm

    @Vinay: VHP is a political party. It does not represent Hindus in any manner. If this issue really had so much importance for Hindus in India, you’d have seen people coming out on the streets in protest. Bridge or no bridge, people’s faith in their god will not change. BTW, I never could understand one thing: if the stones really did float, what are they doing at the sea bed right now? Also, Ram’s army used stones, whereas the Ram Sethu in its current state is made of pebbles.

    @ Ycee: Monkeys may not know Ju-Jitsu, but they surely can fight. May be you have never encountered an angry monkey in your life 😛 . My uncle’s dog was killed by a hoard of monkeys several years back. What stops them from attacking humans?

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