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October 15, 2007 / lazybug

We’ll Make Boys, You Make Girls

“The PSG family produces girls, the Lakshmi Mills family produces boys, they marry each other and live happily ever after.”

How’s that for an example of intra-cast marriages in India? This one comes from a lady called Rajshree Pathy, who owns sugar mills in South India in this article published in The Economist. The article originally talks about the proposed job quotas for the backward casts in India’s private sector. But this quote is an excellent example of the deep rooted narrow-mindedness of Indians towards marriages. Unfortunately, this attitude also exists among the so-called ‘modern people’ living in cities.

(Link via India Uncut)



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  1. varadaraj / Oct 16 2007 6:56 pm

    The sentence in question was made by Mrs. Rajshree Pathy over a casual lunch with a journalist from the Business Standard (2005) and
    were in a lighter vein, which is evident from the tone
    of the rather off-the-cuff remark. To twist what was
    meant as humour into a serious comment on the role of
    caste in Indian business is unfair and objectionable.
    The remarks were specific to the practices of agricultural families in the early 40’s who had migrated and settled in the cotton farming town of Coimbatore nearly 300 years ago ,
    and therefore cannot be extrapolated in terms
    of larger caste practices in south Indian business in current times!
    The writer(Economist) has cleverly appropriated the quote to suit
    his purpose and the comment is completely misquoted and out of context.
    The implications cited in the article are contradictory to Mrs. Pathy’s personal views which are completely liberal and secular and devoid of caste or community biases or any other such “narrow mindedness”!

  2. lazybug / Oct 17 2007 5:24 am

    Thank you for the comment, Varadaraj.

    For the record, I never said anything about Mrs. Pathy, I hardly read anything about her to jump to a conclusion, you seem to know her a lot better.

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