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September 28, 2007 / lazybug

Eklavya for Oscars – The Real Entertainment Begins


Eklavya – The Royal Guard, may not have proved be entertaining enough for many movie buffs when it released a few months back. But the controversy over it being nominated for the Oscars is sure to keep all of us entertained. Have a look at the verbal volleys being thrown at Eklavya (and Vidhu Vinod Chopra, obviously):

Farah Khan:  I don’t think Eklavya is an exceptional film

Bhavna Talwar (maker of the film Dharam): The FFI is embarrassing not just the film industry but also the whole country

FFI chaiman Vinod Pandey: It was a shock to me that Dharm, a competent, poignant and relevant film, didn’t make it. Dharm was technically brilliant, outstanding in terms of photography, sound design, art design and had nuanced performances. The only thing it did not have were superstars. 

and now for Chopra’s retort

 “What are the credentials of these people…what is their understanding of cinema..where does their allegiance lie,


last year Lage Raho didn’t go, did I, Raju or anybody from my office say why Munnabhai didn’t go, it was a better film. Before that Parineeta didn’t go, Paheli went. Did I say that Shah Rukh made a stupid film? My films didn’t go for two years, I didn’t bother anyone, why are they bothering us now


The young filmmaker whose film hasn’t gone, I heard, she has said in Mid Day that Eklavya was a boring film. I can tell her, I saw your film, and I thought it was a load of shit. It’s immature, childish”

How’s that for some entertainment?

Let me make it clear that I am full of hope that we will win a best foreign language film Oscar during my life time, but I really feel that the nominations over the last few years could have been brushed aside long before the awards were given out. And I also feel that several good movies missed out. Cases in point being Omkara and Black.

I saw Eklavya. Found it to be OK, really. The movie buffs around me thought the photography wagera was excellent but almost everyone, including myself, agreed that the movie was slow. Suffices to say that this year too our chances are all but zero.

Irrespective of what happens at the Oscars, one thing is sure, I will watch Dharam. It did not release in Hyderabad, for whatever reasons. For the time being though it’s back to VVC and the others. Keep them coming boys!

P.S: I liked this suggestion by Atul Tiwari, the scriptwriter of Shyam Benegal’s Netaji: Whichever film wins the National Award should be sent to the Oscars. That way, even films made in languages other than Hindi have a chance to make it as an Oscar entry. Then it doesn’t matter whether the film is critically or commercially acclaimed

Image courtesy: allbollywood | Quotes sourced from Sify and ToI



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  1. windinthegarden / Sep 29 2007 7:44 pm

    i strongly disagree with ur choise of the 2 missed out films u listed -Omkara and Black. Black is a copy of a foreign on the life of Hellen Keller. its not original that way. and Omkara is the worst adptation of a Shakespeare play i’ve ever seen. watch Kurasawa’s adptaion of Ran and Macbeth and u’ll know what i’m talikng abt. i think Atul Tiwari’s comment. last year’s winner , Buddadeb Dasgupta’s ‘Kalpurush’ is far better choice.

  2. lazybug / Sep 30 2007 7:22 am

    Thanks for the comment, windinthegarden.

    To each his/her own. I thought Omkara was a great adaptation. It required skill to mould a great story to suit a totally different audience and Vishal Bharadwaj was very good in doing just that. It was way better than RdB. Black had some great performances by Bachchan and Mukerjee.

    And I am no sure how much the ‘originality’ of a movie matters when it comes to the Oscars.

  3. assemkhan / Oct 1 2007 11:06 am

    I hope Eklavya wins the Oscar.
    I guess the media will get some stupid controversy and keep debating for a few days and then catch on to another debate, these fools just need to waste the time of our civilians, we need to get over the media and progress in life, good luck to Eklavya. I saw the movie with my colleauges and i hated it…. I got a call from my friend right after the movie and when asked how the movie was – I said “It was great, its gonna win an Oscar” my friend cudnt belv it, then i said it all bull shit, Amitabh being the father of Saif, and servant of the maharaj, what nonesense, at the end of the movie I said even Sanju baba was the son of Amitabh 😉 Anyway whats the prob even if such foolish movies can win us some name!

  4. vinay / Oct 1 2007 11:07 am

    Tokka! I don’t know why Indian film makers are craving for Oscars. On top of this, fighting among ourselves is very funny. What we need is to make sensible and original movies which speak for themselves and grab the attention of the Hollywood. For example Munnabhai. It is simple and original and is now being remade in English. We have talent but we are lethargic and want to earn easy money.

  5. lazybug / Oct 1 2007 11:16 am

    @Assem: Yes. I agree with the point that it will do us no harm if we win the Oscar. But really, years after years of humiliation (could not think of a better word) at the awards, we continue to send half-baked stuff. All the best to Eklavya…

    @Vinay: I think most of the Indian film makers are smart…they want money and not the Oscars. Who can blame them for having that attitude?


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