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August 25, 2007 / lazybug

Thank you, Salman Khan

Has Bollywood had it worse than this? Two super stars ending up in the prison within one month of each other! Amit Verma rightly feels that there is some conspiracy afoot here. But being the optimist that I am, I like to look at the positive of it:

Look at how the poor news channels like Aaj Tak, Star News India TV etc., starved of content as they are, benefited from this. They could now cover each and every thing that Salman did en route to the Jodhpur jail to fill their prime time news requirements. Sad faces of his family members, how he talked to his fellow passengers in the Plane and expressed his total belief in the Indian Judicial System, how he was fully covered in clothes rather than the usual topless appearance and so on.

They will now go to great heights, take great risks in telling us about the facilities (or lack of them) that Sallu will have when he spends his few days in jail before getting out on bail. How he will have to earn his living and work like any other jailwasi to get two meals per day. And that’s not all, while Sallu slogs away at the prison, the news correspondents will also camp outside his house and let us know exactly who visited the place and when. What dedication, I say! And just to think that I am getting to see all this without even asking for it fills my heart with gratitude and my eyes with tears.

All hail Indian news channels! sob-sniff-brrrrrr


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