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August 10, 2007 / lazybug

Anti-Plagiarism Suits – Why Hindi Films Need Them

Sony Pictures Entertainment, which produced the Will Smith starrer Hitch, is planning to slap India’s Eros Entertainment and K Sera Sera, the Producers of the latest Salman Khan-Govinda starrer Partner, with a US$ 30 Million law suit!

To this, the reaction from the makers of Partner has been predictable. The Economic Times has quoted Sunil Lulla, the Managing Director of Eros as saying:

“We have no idea about this development and I have not seen Hitch to remake it into Partner.”

What courage, I say! I wonder what excuse Davind Dhawan would have for this. I hope they end up paying that amount. It will be for the larger good of Hindi Cinema. I believe the only reason these film makers turn to copying is they can’t come up with any thing good themselves and don’t want to spend money in getting an original story.

If we wish to see better stories, screen plays and scripts in Hindi films–something they need badly–the blatant copying of foreign films needs to stop at once. It’s pathetic that these film makers don’t even consider taking the permission from the original film makers before going ahead, and once that is done, they have to come up with lame excuses like the one above to save their sorry asses.



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  1. Apoorv / Aug 10 2007 3:45 pm

    hmm, nothing new for david dhawan ,his most of movies are made out of borrowed ideas from south or hollywood ..they shud better learn to respect copyrights …

  2. Vinaya Kumar / Aug 13 2007 10:00 am

    This shouldn’t be limited only to Hindi films but should be extended to other languages mainly South. Further, the fines should be heavy and the producer/director/storywriter whoever is responsible should be banned at least for one year.

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