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August 7, 2007 / lazybug

A trip to the countryside

What could be better than visiting the countryside during the monsoons in India? I’d say carrying a digital camera and bringing back the memories of the trip. I did just that on Sunday when I visited a village called Pendpalli along with five other friends. I went there  along with my friends on the Freehyderabad discussion boards. We had been invited by one of the members who had arranged a party to celebrate the cradle ceremony of his nephew. I had to convince my defiant mom to allow me go there and how glad am I that she agreed.

We left for the place, about 230 kilometers from Hyderabad, at 8 in the morning and it was around an hour before we left the city’s hustle bustle behind to enter the peaceful countryside. The sky was dark gray most of the time but it did not rain, the crops were green, the road was black and mud roads surrounded us on either side. A feast for the eyes it was. I realised that the last time I had seen so much gray and green was when I traveled to Solapur last November. I had lamented not having a camera then, but this time things were different. With my Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ1 we snapped as many pics as we could; the final count came up to 200! I thank the creator of the digicam.

You can see some of the chosen pics on my flcikr blog.

We reached Pendpalli at around1 PM. My friends home was clearly the most happening place in the village that day. Soon we headed for the all important food section, after all tasting the telangana delicacies was one of the prime attractions for making the trip. And as promised, the food was awesome. At last count I remember having around 7 veg and non-veg starters, followed by bagara rice and sweets. There were several items I did not eat, I had binged on the starters, which included Lamb Liver, Boti, Chicken roast, country chicken curry (my favourite).

By the time we were done it was already 5 PM, our plans of heading home at 4 were in tatters, but we did not really mind! We visited the cotton field and more snaps followed as the sun went down. Finally, we bid farewell to our friend at around 7 and headed to the city.

Now I am back to usual city grind and the photographs serve as the only means to revisit the wonderful experience–not that I will forget it any time soon.


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  1. Apoorv / Aug 30 2008 6:28 am

    Thanks for all the wonderful snaps you clicked at moi place 🙂 .

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