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August 3, 2007 / lazybug

Don’t ask questions, it’s our religion!

Why is it so difficult to question the religion one has inherited? One answer to that question is, today people who want to question are far outnumbered by those who do not. Plus, very few parents react positively or have a convincing answer to questions being raised about why one should do something just because it is said to be a part of the religion. I have grown in a family that follows contemporary Hindu religion. I use the word contemporary because what we call Hinduism today is in my knowledge a highly watered down and badly disfigured version of the original way of life.

The word Hindu comes from the name ‘Sindhu’, the great giver in the Northern part of India where the Indus valley civilisation flourished. The people there evolved a way of life that was in harmony with nature and in many ways much advanced than what existed in other parts of the world at that time. Eventually, the people here came to be known as Hindus. The word has most probably been coined by the Arabs and is quite obviously a variation of the word Sindhu. The word Hinduism itself was coined at least one thousand years hence. As a result, there is no mention of the word in any of the sacred texts.

The way of life of the Hindus encouraged intellectual explorations. It was essentially a civilisation that liked to think about answers to the toughest questions of life and succeeded to a great extent (the Vedas and Upanishads are examples of this). Surely Hinduism was a product of this never ending desire to ask questions and get answers to it through constant application of the mind. No wonder the travelers were fascinated and took back a lot of it with them. Things that made India what it is today happened to be created during this time. Art flourished and so did the economy.

Flash forward to today.

Most of us don’t know anything about our glorious ancestors. We do mostly what elders ask of us in the name of religion. They themselves inherited this from their parents and never asked a question. Wouldn’t it be insulting to your elders if you inquire? The fact is that these so called religious rituals were developed during the era when Hinduism degraded as the caste system took a rapid diversion from its original path giving rise to all sorts of beliefs. It turned Hinduism into a the rigid unquestionable religion of today.

So far have we moved away from the original Hindu thought that we find it alien to talk about those days. There’s a befitting quote by Aurobindo Ghose about what a person from the days of the Upanishads have to say if he were to see the state of today’s India. I’ll post it later since I have to source it from The Discovery of India – the book I am reading at home.

However, here’s a very nice post by Ray Lightning on his blog aptly titled: Orphans of Saraswati.

The mother Saraswati has been forsaken by the Indians and she has left them. Thus, Indians have become the Orphans of Saraswati. Does anybody have any craving for their mother (knowledge) anymore ? In the blind rote of religion, they have forsaken the very essence of Hindu thought.



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  1. Vinaya Kumar / Aug 4 2007 5:41 pm

    Brilliant. I know the incidents that have encouraged you to take this as the topic. I too believe that Hinduism today is the adulterated version of the original.

    Wish we could go back to the golden era of Hinduism mentioned by you.

  2. allgnostic / Aug 6 2007 3:50 pm

    It is such a shame that people simply believe without questioning or knowing why they believe ? My mother and father raised me to find my own way. To question and learn and grow. My family is allgnostic – believing there is truth and validity to all religions. How did we come to this revelation? Through thought and question and constant learning. Hope you have a happy Monday. Pleased to meet you.

  3. lazybug / Aug 6 2007 5:57 pm

    right said allgnostic. questioning and learning is the way out of this chaos.

    you too, have a good day. 🙂

  4. Apologeticism / Sep 14 2009 12:18 pm

    Any religion should be given intellectual respect if it stands the test of truth .If it can be criticised and tested against fire to prove its purity .

  5. Apologeticism / Sep 14 2009 12:24 pm

    Eastern Culture doesn’t allow people to question God against truth .Western culture always gives the freedon to criticise the foundations of a religion . Movies like Dan Vin Ci Code can never release in east if it was about Prophet Mohammad or Lord Shiva/ Ganesh or Buddha .

  6. kalkiagnostic / Oct 2 2009 11:07 am

    While the message of the post is brilliant, the title in my opinion gives out a wrong message.

    It’s only in Hinduism that we can register our beliefs(or lack of it)(from panentheistic to atheistic) without the fear of being punished.

    Hinduism has been questioned throughout the ages. The saivites, vaisnavites, Smartas(allgnostics), Saktas, Charvakas evolved because of this rational inquiry.

  7. Apologeticism / Oct 5 2009 4:40 am

    Kalki – You mean to say , the atrocities happened and happening to people of different belief ( a paraphrase would be people who registered their lack of faith in Hinduism ) in Gujarat , Bihar , Orissa and most of the states in India doesn’t fall into your circle of punishment .

    • kalkiagnostic / Oct 31 2009 6:38 pm

      Apologticism-since you broach the issue ..let me enlighten you with some facts

      in Gujarat ..hindus were burnt alive in godhra and the riots were a fallout of that(not to say that any kind of violence can be condoned ..but you can’t explain that to the hoi-poloi)

      Orrisa state of affairs is exactly the opposite of what the media reported that time.It was a tribals versus tribal christians riot further fuelled by the killing of a hindu (Lakshamamand Saraswati) and four other hindus(including a woman) bu christian maoists.

      Are you not surprised that the nun who the media claimed to have been raped by hindus is nowhere to be seen n the media now!?

      It’s because it turned out that she was molested by tribal christians and a hindu actually protected her..and hence it’s not newsworthy disclosure for the pseudo-secular media.

      that apart, the core issue in orissa is not religion but RESERVATION.

      the tribals who did not convert to christianity are up in arms against those tribals who converted and illegally & used fake ST certificates to secure government jobs .

      Unless this core issue is resolved ..orissa will keep burning.

      anyways ..none of this reflects hindu philosophy ..the incidents are either regional or hindu retaliation to an attack.

      your question reminds me of the predicament of a honest police officer ..who cannot kill a terrorist even in self-defense..beacuse that will be prrof enough for the media that all encounters are fake!

      as far as Western religions are concerned…the less said the better.

      BTW, whats your stand on evolution and what do you know about Vasco De Gamma

  8. kalkiagnostic / Oct 31 2009 6:49 pm

    and also remember the Hindu acts of violence(though unjustified) are a reaction and not a proactive assault.

    The missionary doling out malaraia pills to the poor keralite as the blessing of the ONLY LORD AND SAVIOUR is the real attacker of faith.

    for western religions, only there goid is the true hinduism ..all gods are true at one level of reality and are not needed at all at a higher level of realization.

    The biggest culprits of transforming individual spirituality to ghettoized cults are Abrahamic they can;t co-exist with each other or any other faith.

    for the Muslims ..hindus and christians are headed towards hell.For the christians ..muslims and hindus are headed towards hell…

    so my friend ..the western and eastern abrahamic commodification of spirituality ensures that everybody is going to hell.

    please treat this as a vyahavarika response to a vyahavarika(transactional)question

    In short …attack on faith should not be confused with lack of faith.

    Agnostically yours

    • Apologeticism / Nov 1 2009 12:58 pm

      Kalki –

      I suppose you got prettry confused entangling with your concepts of agnosticism and Hinduism .

      Its a complete paradox to call a Maoist a Christian . Maoism is in the lines of Communism , and anybody who feels he can serve both is a true idiot .

      Why do you call the media pseudo – secular . Most of the words used in your statements have no sense IMHO .

      Graham Staines was burnt live along with his sons . What is your opinion on it . He was serving the lepers for 30 yrs. And now his wife and daughter are serving the lepers in the same place(Baripada) where her husband got burnt live to death.Both mother and daughter have claimed publicly that they have forgiven Dara Singh.When I met the atrocities in Orrisa , I meant this one too . And here we are , how does the economical status of a human change if his religious belief changes . Don’t you think its a blunder to deprive them from all the benefits they ought to get .This entire blog is about the foundation on which our beliefs and laws where laid .

      Godhra Riot – Today Gayism is legal in India , when asked regarding this to their community ,the answer we get is “ITS IN OUR GENE” and you are no different in saying the same when u kill some body and justify saying “ITS IN MY BLOODY GENE” .

      Dont say the murder of Graham Staines was a pro-active assault .I would LMAO .

      Now we come to Abrahamic religions and their tolerance to other religions .To say in short , the worshippers of One God .Jews call HIM JEHOVAH , Christians call HIM JESUS , Muslims call HIM ALLAH .So now you know the concept of one God always was there and is still there .Typically Greeks and Hindus have Gods.A God to perform differen deeds . A God who doesn’t interfere in others affairs and can exercise no power beyond their boundary.Greeks Gods fought among themselves .When I say this I meant in the history and in the present , it was always a war between the Gods . When a King wins over a King he ruins the temple and blasphemes the God of the King he won over .Why do we have God of Death and Hell (Kali or Hades ) . God of War ( Durga ) .So now these Gods are maily to punish the evil . But the definition of evil changes from culture to culture , time to time.What was wrong some years back is now legal . If I believe in creation , these Gods never created anything how come they can destroy what was created .Did God create evil ? Whats your stand on that .

      BTW , Whats your stand on the Caste System . The Dravidian belief and the Aryans Belief .For the Hindus , Ravana was a Devil.In southern states like Tamil Nadu,Kerala they dont celebrate Dussehra though Hindus .Why ? When you say the Government as secular why then the reservations are made based on the Brahma Caste Sytem .

      To talk about Evolution , we’ll have it some other time . I do know Darwin and his theory . But when you say evolution what do you mean ?. Evolutions can be broadly classified into Micro and Macro Evolution .I do believe in Micro Evolution because we have seen it with our own eyes .So next time when you say Evolution be sure what you are talking about . Vasco De Gamma and Evolution I dont have any clue on how they are related .

      My friend , the main problem is people following any belief understand or most of the times chant the Scriptures without understanding them . Most of the time its mis-interpreted and end up in destruction .

      • kalkiagnostic / Nov 3 2009 7:01 am


        To an Abrahamic follower’s impossible to comprehend that there could be Atheist and Agnostic Hindus…but can’t help it ..there are!

        Now about Graham Staines incident.

        read this to know the exact development of events

        Grahan staines had warrants against him in australia and hence his choiceless choice to run to india for missionary activities.

        what dara singh did is unpardonable..but so is the illegal way in which tribals were(are) converted.

        the media is pseudo-seclar because it did not report the burning of hindu houses which triggered the incident.

        godhra riot – you are saying that if hindus are burnt alive..they must not get carried away by emotions..but if christians are burnt alive ..a huge uproar is madated.Isn’t it paradoxical?

        as i said, the hoi-poloi reacts and does not respond.that’s the whole irony of these unwarranted attacks on hindus and the unwarranted retaliation by hindus

        none of the riots have started suo-motto.When hindus have been killed ..they have retaliated.

        rather than sensitizing the nation that the easiest way to stop riots is to not kill hindus ..the press is more inclined on stopping the symptom(the backlash)

        Now about Christianity and Islam (i have high regard for Judaism as it does not sell it’s god to others)

        that you are obviously blind to the Islamic Invasions, Christian crusades, Auschwitz ..does not make Christianity or Islam peaceful.

        The church has lost it’s power in the west and hence the shift to proselytize asia.

        Now coming to the concept of Gods in Hindusim.The gods in Hinduism are not the merciless arbitrator sitting on some sky throne who would punish you infinitely in hell for finite mistakes on earth.

        that kind of a creator god is akin to Satan!

        the various hindu gods are recognized as demi-gods…they are meant for people with different level of rational and spiritual understanding to create a personal relationship with the otherwise undefinable principle.

        the end purpose of religion(don’t confuse it with spirituality) is to ensure that the moral fabric of the society remains intact

        Christianity believes that all it’s 2 billion followers and Islam beleieves that all it’s 1.5 billion followers can be herded with a single doctrine!!

        how can 3.5 billion unique different levels of rational understanding and predicament guided by a single doctrine?

        I don;t believe in Creator God and hence the question if s/he created evil is void.

        but since you believe Creator god, it would be interesting to know how the creator god creates everything good but not bad.

        I have to give you the caste system argumentfrom the government point of view.but i will only clarify that caste system is not a Hindu phenomenon as many understand.It’s a cultural phenomenon of south and south east asia.

        we have tribal, born and brahman christians ..the discrimination in eviudent during the sunday mass

        we have ansars,afzals and sayyad muslims ….the discrimination is evident in marriages and social standing

        we have blood-group discrimination in Japan ..B- is the most hated animal.

        ever heard of Boston Brahmins ?

        Christianty and Islam beleiev that the world was created in 6 days flat ..hence evolution is something they oppose

        Vasco De Gamma forced christianity in India in the most brutal way..immediately after him Francis came to goa and his attrocities on the hindus is no news.

        Vasco De Gamma & evolution were mentioned to highlight that both the doctrine and soread of christianity is satanic and illogical

        My friend, the only problem is that one needs to investigate the subject and not pass sermons from the cloud like the holy father.

        this is the age of information…the old evangelical babble is no use for you and me.


  9. Apologeticism / Nov 2 2009 11:46 am

    Kalki – I suppose we are deviating much .My moto to highlight the incidents in Gujarat and Orissa was to prove that any step taken to spread the message of truth was always beaten and suppressed.Be it Graham Stains who was spreading the message of Love was brutally murdered .Or when the CM of Tamil Nadu Dr.Karunanidhi , now you can call him an Hindu Communist was involved in the controversial Ram-Sethu issue , and all he wanted was to help the poor save some money .And the concept of Co-Existence can be accepted as far as it doesn’t contradict each other . You can’t server two Employers .It doesn’t make any justice to have two wives and still be a good husband to both of them . You call it co-existence but I call it sheer impurity and sin .How can a man mix milk and alcohol and then drink . they both can’t go together .thats what’s their nature .Now you call it co-existence ?. Tell me this ..What do you feel on killing and eating animals .Is it right ?

    • kalkiagnostic / Nov 3 2009 7:30 am


      We don’t need Australian convicts to spread the message of love in India

      Christianity is not the religion for our times

      forget about it’s co-existence with Hinduism can’t co-exist with science

      If Christianity cannot tolerate Hinduism ..why should hinduism tolerate it ? you have defeated your own argument by the silly alcohol-milk analogy you share with us.

      you have shared the true Christian thought process with us.
      You want Hinduism to embrace you with open arms but you wont do the same…that’s why proselytizing religions should be completely banned in a secular society.

      even at a grosser level Christianity is the alcohol(wine & bread) and Hinduism is the milk(charnamrit)

      as far as killing and eating animals is concerned …Hinduism suggests that it’s good for people whose avocation demands physical effort.

      for people of spiritual pursuits it suggest that they should eat satvic foods(no meat)

      BTW does eating beasts take you closer to your creator god, the proprietor of heaven?

  10. Apologeticism / Nov 3 2009 2:10 pm


    My man ,you are completely lost IMHO .My moto is not to mock at your ignorance but to throw some light on the truth .

    How can you substantiate that Graham Stains is convicted . The article posted under the mentioned link is from the
    HINDU VEDIC KENDRA . This article is slanted and can’t stand the test of authenticity and credibility .Check the Wiki page on Graham Stains.
    The Wadha Commision was also hiding the truth and as a consequence the investigation was handed over to the CBI .
    And being a intellectual agnostic how could you believe a convict could travel back and forth to India and Australia legally.
    Don’t you know that we have enough policies to prevent convicts from entering India .

    Again I would say ,How could a change in belief change the economic status of a human.This was already passed in the Andhra Assembly,that no more religion should
    be used as a requisite to determine the previleged sect of India .It should be secular .
    Why do you feel the media is covering up the truth .Why didn’t the media and press create the same hype when the hindu houses where burnt ?
    Do you think all in media are Abraham followers?

    When Graham was burnt , his wife forgave mercifully Dhara .The law took care of him .Not Graham’s wife .

    You said “When hindus have been killed ..they have retaliated.” and Gandhi said “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”
    And somebody with the same feeling as you have mentioned above killed him too .Brother , it was not a Abraham follower who killed Gandhi .It was a staunch Hindu(Nathu Ram Godse)
    who was a very pro-active member of a Hindu community which got banned three times in India but still is active even today.Check the Wiki page for authenticity.

    Time and time again you are proving that you are confused .
    Your sentence “To an Abrahamic follower’s impossible to comprehend …. ”
    “i have high regard for Judaism”
    This completely proves that you know nothing about Judaism to have a high regard and also about Islam,Christianity because Abraham was the father of
    Judaism,Islam and Christianity.
    Ishmael the son of Abraham is the root of Islam .Jesus who was from the same lineage as Abraham,David,Solomon was the root for Christianity.As a matter of
    fact ,Jesus was a Jew but a lateral thinker,who was a qualified Jewish Rabbi(Guru).
    Four Cups of Wine are drunk during the Passover Sedar meal of the Jews . And you mocked at having wine though having a high regard.

    In the Last Supper(portrayed by Da Vinci ) , Jesus and his disciples had unleavened bread and juice from the fruit of the vine.
    Now google the difference between wine and vine .Also the wine we are speaking about 2000 yrs back was not alcoholic.
    Like the word Gay meant completely different 10 yrs back but now it has taken a great twist.
    Nobody goes to church to get drunk .The grape juice serves is less than 10 ml and even if its fermented doesn’t get any man drunk.
    Besides the fact Wine having so many medicinal benefits.

    Since you have spoken about wine and bread , I would like to throw some light on Basma a.k.a Vibuthi(Ash from Cow Dung) and Cow Urine
    being considered sacred and consumed in huge number.I witness a case where a woman was affected by kidney stone and the reason being
    diagnosed was having huge amounts of Vibuthi for sacred healing.How burnt waste of Cow symoblise something sacred ? .Also the Cow Urine.

    Now for the concept of Co-existence .
    As I said before , No man can have two Employees , No man can have two Fathers.I meant the same from the milk and alcohol instance too.
    When I meant alcohol , i didn’t mean liquor and I didn’t mean to pose Abraham followers as milk and others are alcohol.

    If we would have co-existed with all the sperm cells in the mother’s womb , then a women will give birth to 1 lakh babies.But science doesn’t
    accept that .We fought when we were cells .So Co-existence doesn’t work at all places.Science denies the fact of Co-existence which is again confirmed
    by the foundations of food chain .

    What do you mean by the power of the church ? Evey coin in USA is embossed with “IN GOD WE TRUST”.
    Chruch is a place to worship God , and not to exercise its power over the people.If you want , you can build one today and worship God.Just like how you
    build mosques and temples.So if some one says that church should be the place from which one can govern the people.It is wrong , happened once in the
    history but should never happen again.

    Yes every human being in this world can be governed by the doctrine of truth .Now how you deal it differs from people to people.So I dont think we need
    so many Gods to teach the concepts of truth.One GOD is enough .When a single brain can govern the most complex machine in the world – the human body,why
    can’t a single doctorine of truth govern everything in this world.

    Tell me the number of times you lied or commited any sin in this world.Do you have the finite number ? then how can you call the mistakes as finite.
    How many mistakes,sins you commit a day ? . What do you mean by infinite ? . Do you think HELL has day and nights , so that you can define time and
    give a defintion for infinite ? Everything in this world is relative .Everything beyond it are absolute like God,Heaven,Hell and we will have no clue about it.
    Do you know how big is this world for an ant,how big is its lifetime.Its relative.Finite and Infinite are also relative words.

    How come the manufacturers of Benz manufacture everything good.Atleast have the intentions to create everything good.Now dont show me a wrecked Car and say
    its bad and not good, the driver of the Car wrecked it.Similarly God created the universe as good, we wrecked it.

    The Christian Scripture didn’t have any discrimination based on Caste System like The Brahma System.
    If the someone in a Sunday Mass follows it , it might have been inherited from our forefathers who were Hindus .

    what do you want to infer using the existence of Boston Brahmins.

    My Brother, nobody is passing sermons from the clouds, everyone did it on the earth.Everyone served the poor,the weak and the sick.

    A gave Rs 10 to a beggar(sorry for the language) . He praised me saying that I’m God.But I know how big a sinner I am.So I said to him,
    the Man who made me give this 10 Rs is to be praised and if you really wanna praise someone for the 10 ruppees .Give it to him .

    And you call this proselytizing ?

    • kalkiagnostic / Nov 3 2009 7:09 pm


      Just because it’s posted on on a HVK site makes it invalid?

      did you care to see that it’s by one of the most trusted journalist – Arun Shourie

      You say Australia is no land of convicts.. ask the British!

      but that is not the point…the point is that he did have warrants issued against him.

      who is justifying an eye for an eye?
      you missed the emphasis ‘unwarranted’ in my statement.

      what i was driving home was that the hoi-poloi is more reactive than responsive to extreme events.

      hence a better solution is to not kill Hindus.The numbers are skewed and an action thus results in a greater reaction.

      why can’t you simply get this simple maths?

      Abraham was the corruptor of Judiasm..he was the one who could not understand the meaning behind the golden calf you know what religion his father-in-law followed?

      In it’s purest form ..the god’s name is not to be uttered…

      that apart, i simply adore Judaism not because of what it believes in BUT for it’s NON PROSELYTIZING nature.

      they may well believe in the sky bunny ..but that’s not going to hurt me any way.

      Christians & Islamists on the other hand are hell bent on selling or forcing their sausage down everybody throat.that’s what’s pathetic about the two.

      You are not aware that india is a strange secular state.There;s a temple endowment body of the government which takes away the estate & funds from hindu temples and uses that money to build churches and mosques.

      That what the late Y Samuel Reddy did. and the government orders for same can be accessed on the departments site!

      Do you know how many media channels the various missions own? ..your ignorance cannot be your argument my friend.

      most of the english channels in india have been heavily funded by this or that pontifical church…and it’s known to many indians now..internet is our only refuge

      there’s no creator god…because that notion is logicaly unsustainable and scientifically preposterous.

      we have a finite life on earth …even if we commit a 100 thousand mistakes in a lifetime …we can’t be punished for eternity.

      if time is not a factor in heaven and hell then what the hell is the ‘day’ in judgment day?

      any creature which punishes people for not praying to him is a narcissist…he’s a moron!

      Can a creator god , of whose creation humanity is but a speck of dust, be so obsessed with who all are praying to him? ..that’s stupid to say the least.

      cow urine has been patented for transfer of temperature sensitive drugs at room temperature.

      the yagya that is performed before occupying a new home has now been proven to reduce the growth of microbes

      now compare this with christianity…

      1.the earth my dear is not flat
      2.the sky is not an inverted bowl
      3. world was not created in 6 days
      4. humanity is not 4000 years old

      the unwanted sperm is not hard to pick from the two.

      in spite of being comparatively wanting ..i don’t know why these religions have taken the foolish journey towards India.

      they have tried since the last 2000 years ..and we are still 80% Hindu …for you can’t sell an inferior and ghetto doctrine to the ones for whom even ghettos have a valid reason to exist.



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