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July 16, 2007 / lazybug

Remote for the PC – Yet another laziness tool

Here’s another addition to the technology that has made couch potatoes out of us. Switzerland-based computer peripherals manufacturer, Logitech, has launched a wireless mouse called the MX Air, which lets you navigate the menus in programs such as the Media Players even though you are not at your PC. This means, you can be talking to your friend in the living room and change the song playing on your PC without actually walking up to it. Sounds eerily similar to our good old television remote control!

Further, you can “change volume, skip tracks and perform additional actions in this manner so to change the volume you would press the volume button and wave your hand right to increase and left to decrease. Supposedly the MX Air will use ‘sophisticated algorithms’ to differentiate between intentional and accidental movement.”

This one seems perfectly suited for people organising parties at their place. And I must say it looks cool too with those orange backlit buttons and the slick look. But at US$ 140 or Rs. 6750, this one is for the ‘rich and the lazy’ of the world.


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