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July 11, 2007 / lazybug

A Cheaper iPhone in the Offing?

Apple has always amazed me with its ability to deliver disruptive innovations.
Its products, under the leadership of the venerable Steve Jobs, revolutionised the way we look at, first the computer then music player and now the mobile phone.

The iPhone, launched in June this year has done it again, and this time, in a completely uncharted territory. I wanted to have one ever since I saw it for the first time. But alas, it’s not going to come to India before next year.

There are now speculations (sound, i must add) about Apple working on a low cost version of the iPhone. The new phone could be around 50% cheaper than the current ones! But it will also lack some features that make the current model so attractive, like the touch screen which might be replaced by a scrolling wheel, ala the iPod. A slight disappointment, but then it will most certainly have the iPod and a web browser built in! Also, this might allow Apple to put in some features that the current iPhone does not have, like the video recorder. All in all, this does not sound like a bad proposition to me.



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