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April 23, 2006 / lazybug

A humble suggestion

Being the lazy guy that I am I get cursed at by most of the ppl around me. My parents say I am gettig fatter 'coz if it and my colleagues wonder wht else I cld do if I were not lazy. But trust me, in the last one year I have not added a single centimeter to my waistline. And as far achieving more at the workplace goes, well that ones debatable…but again the last year has been quite productive compared to the previous jobs especially in terms of work satisfaction :D. The forthcoming year too seems full of challenges and me is looking forward to it :twisted:.

Mhmm, so things look cool. SAb kuch apni jageh pe hai aisa lagta hai…but that hardly b true. Lots of things need to be put into place and on a constant basis.

I have always wondered what is the better way to look at life. The static way (like in the first para) or on an ongoing basis. Whats in its rightful place today may b misplaced tomorrow. So what do we do? Uncertainty is the way of life. We never know whats in store….yet we live our lives daily..every minute hoping that the next moment/hour/day/month/year will come and go the way their predecessors have.

I feel it all lies in the sub-concious mind. There we can atleast find why we did something the way we did it. And the best way to get to knw the sub-concious mind is to meditate. Close your eyes and think 'nothing' – trustme its quite and effort. But being the lazy guy that I am, I'd rather sleep than meditate :p

So you guys try it out ans let me know what happens.

Thanks and bestest regards,




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  1. Jai / Apr 24 2006 2:08 am

    hey man, a really good post, quite mind provoking one at that, alright… just read my reply to Sherry s post on free hyd.

  2. ychittaranjan / Apr 24 2006 4:57 am

    err…..Ur justifying ur laziness?

  3. lazybug / Apr 24 2006 8:49 am

    Thanks @ Jai 😀
    @ Ycee: 😐

  4. Masker / Apr 29 2006 7:01 am

    Ummm so being the lazy guy you are you come a full circle – start with being lazy and end with being lazy, bugger – go to sleep

  5. Pete / May 9 2006 6:28 am

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