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March 27, 2006 / lazybug

The One-day test

Indian and English cricket teams play the first of the 7 one-day matches tomorrow. 7 one-dayers, at this time of the year tht too most of them being being played in the northern half of the country, defies logic. But then the BCCI is famous for making such lousy decisions. The weather is perhaps the most important eliment in the game of cricket. It can spoil or revive a teams hopes. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) its out of our control. This means an addition to the glorious uncertainities of the game. Many of the so called critics of the game just fail to understad and appreciate this side of the game.

For e.g., on a 'normal' day in India the temperature at the centre of the ground is always 4-5 degreeshigher than else where in the ground, this has a telling impact on theplayers. Its to their credit that we hardly ever see them brag about it. I hope the  englishmen survive this test coz for them this will only b tougher. The first game is at Delhi where at time of the year, the heat wave just about wakes up. Then comes faridabad followed by Goa and Cochin, two coastal areas that will add humidity to the already sultry heat. Guwahati should b a slight relief for the players however as the next two venues, jamshedpur and indore, will again be hot places.

It will all come down to how the teams manage their players. I feel that no player in each team should play all the matches. Players should be rested or played according to the team's position in the series. Easier said than done, I know coz we never knw how the series will shape up. Pesonally I feel the Indans are better prepared to handle the pressure, but then the english men are playing away from their homes and will go allout without feeling pressurised, just like the indians did in pakistan and the Pakistani's are now doing to the Sri Lankans.

Here's wishing both the teams all the best to face each other and the heat wave too.


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  1. Masker / Mar 28 2006 4:12 am

    I do agree with you ‘lazybug’, but again i feel that it could be a ploy by the BCCI to unsettle the rythm of the englishmen by exposing them to unfavorable weather conditions. This will make them focus more on tolerating the heat rather than play the game. Anyway i too wish both the teams good luck. Its been a fairly contested game.

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